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Support List of apps safe to disable NON ROOT.

I am running a Sprint Galaxy S3. I am not rooted. What is a list of apps safe to disable?

Just want to make sure I don't disable something I need.



#1 jarablue, Oct 11, 2012
Here's a list of apps I've disabled because I never use. I have not noticed any adverse effects...yet. (I'm on Verizon though)

Amazon Kindle
Apps (Verizon)
Backup Assistant Plus (Verizon)
Exchange Services
Google Play Books
Google Play Movies
Kies Air
Media Hub
Music Hub
S Suggest
Samsung Account
Samsung Backup Provider
Samsung Cloud Data relay
Samsung Cloud Syncadapters
Samsung Push Service
Setup Wizard
Sync Service (Verizon)
V cast Tones (Verizon)
Verison SSO Engine
VZ Navigator
Yahoo Finance
#2 Roadie1015, Oct 11, 2012
If you're not rooted, I doubt there is anything you can disable that will cause a problem.
#3 ylexot, Oct 11, 2012
What is it that you exactly 'do' to disable these apps?
#4 KOLIO, Oct 11, 2012
Settings->Apps->*pick and app*->If you are able to disable it, it will be a grey box on the right labeled *Disable* instead of uninstall.

Also, I agree that you can't disable anything that really affects the phone, and if it does you can just enable the app again. No harm.
#5 Mostly Harmless, Oct 11, 2012
Thanks. I see the FORCE STOP or FORCE CLOSE by most apps, but, nothing that says DISABLE. Am I missing something/in the wrong menu/area,or, is this it?

When I came across this thread , I said to myself A-HA, & was hoping there was/is something to permanently disable unremovable/unwanted applications.

If this isn't possible, I'll just go back to an old app I came across a long time ago that seems to do the trick, w/o killing the battery :

#6 KOLIO, Oct 11, 2012
Some apps you can't disable, so I am thinking you just haven't come across an app that you can, try one from Roadie1015 list and see if that does the trick.
#7 Mostly Harmless, Oct 11, 2012
Thanks, I found some w/the DISABLE feature. NICE!

#8 KOLIO, Oct 11, 2012
Here's a huge list from XDA forums. But really if you want to remove any unused apps, rooting is the way to go.
#9 Jeepmaster, Oct 11, 2012

This is exactly what I was looking for.......

#10 KOLIO, Oct 11, 2012
Can anyone tell me if its ok to disable the stock text message app?

I run handcent, does it sit in front of the stock app therefore requiring it to run or can i disable the stock app as it does it all itself?

#11 SUSS, Oct 14, 2012
I froze the message app in Titanium Backup and found i didnt get any messages through to my phone. Any messages that had been sent didnt come through once id unfroze the app either

I use Chomp tho so it may be different with Handcent
#12 Yatezy, Oct 14, 2012
I too use handcent as my messaging app. I used titanium backup to uninstall the stock messaging app and everything works fine for me. Just make sure to make a backup first so you can always reinstall it back.
#13 Jeepmaster, Oct 14, 2012
I use handcent and have disabled stock messaging because i was getting double notifications. Now i only get them from handcent and its working perfectly
#14 kurtyyyyyy, Oct 14, 2012
Is Start Up Auditor safe?
I'm tired of having to manually disable after every restart, plus kill data in the app so it doesn't reappear. Even it's it a memory hog, after it does it's thing I'm thinking I can kill it. Easier to disable 1 app than 21? I do this mostly with the bloatware on my Commando GZ1 c771 (built m150).
It's no longer available on Play store, and I can only find it 3rd party at Soft 112.
The reviews I've read are great but their all a few years old.
Any feedback would be appreciated!
#15 piludo36, Jun 23, 2015