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Live boostmobile customer service???

Hello everyone,

can anybody help me with a phone number where i could speak with a live, real person, not a machine????

I had this number, 1877 438 8643

but it tells me now that is not working anymore

thanks in advance for any help


#1 Dannynica, Aug 28, 2013

- Enter Boost Number
- Option 4 (Technical Support)
- Wait about 10 seconds after the machine runs through all the different options then you'll get the option to press 0 for a live person
#2 munguse, Aug 28, 2013
Thank you!!

i got it finally
#3 Dannynica, Aug 29, 2013
Who ever heard of a company that changes its phone number once too many of its customers find out what it is????
#4 rockdoctor1, Aug 29, 2013

Hi you can easily find the contact number of boostmobile just by doing whois search for their official website "boostmobile.com" through sites like WhoisXY.com here they will display details like domain registrant name ,address ,phone number ,email id and so on using these details you can easily find their official number ..I did whois search there and found their registrant number it was +1.8665052385 ...Hope it will be helpful to you ....
#5 seeusaw, Feb 27, 2015