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Live TV App for Local LIVE TV?


I was searching for ways to watch football games this season, and during the search I keep seeing an app called LIVE TV. Well I did an appbrain search and can't find it. Have done a google search and found other references to it, but still can't find it.

The one thing I hate about the market, is it isn't like google. You HAVE to HAVE the exact spelling or it doesn't find it.

Does anyone know the exact spelling or name of this app? From what I read, you could watch cbs, espn, etc... with it - all live.



#1 AndroiDad75, Sep 5, 2010
Slingbox is probably the preferred way, but I used Orb for a while until my cable company switched the broadcast to use external boxes to get all the channels above channel 15. But, Orb and my computer with a TV Card would stream the local cable channels below 15 in my case.

There is an alternative to get the NFL games. If you don't want to switch to Direct TV and order the NFL Sunday Ticket which comes with the NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go, you can order NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go for non-DirectTV subscribers. It's a lofty $350 price tag, but $350 divided by 18 weeks is only $19.45 per weekend for 'every game'. However, it seems that blackout restrictions still apply though.
#2 DaWeav, Sep 5, 2010
Thanks!!! Not sure I am going that route :-D
#3 AndroiDad75, Sep 5, 2010
i searched LIVE TV with my D2 and found the app. it says u must have Adobe flash 2.2 in order to watch.
but i downloaded it and it worked fairly well,high quality, and its actually live (only a few seconds behind)
#4 larz, Sep 5, 2010
Thanks larz. I hadn't tried just searching google market. It showed up for me, first one, when i search there. It doesn't show up for me on appbrain though, so that's weird.

#5 AndroiDad75, Sep 6, 2010