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Support location services: Google, Verizon or GPS?

I figure GPS will drain your battery so I don't use mine except when using navigation. What about Verizon and Google ones? Is one better than the other


#1 Heelfan71, Aug 21, 2010
If I have the VZW location selected, the weather and clock on the home page do not update my location. If I have google location selected (and VZW unselected), they do. This past weekend I traveled from Rochester, NY to Columbus, OH and back and had a good chance to check this out. Only when I had google location selected did it know where I was.
#2 CharlieD, Sep 7, 2010
I keep Google checked all the time and jockey on/off GPS for 3rd party apps only when needed.
#3 iowabowtech, Sep 7, 2010
Ditto for me. Google is always on and GPS is on-demand. I never have the VZW option checked.
#4 Casbah, Sep 7, 2010
I kinda figured the VZW location service had to do with VZ Navigator, but I couldn't say for sure. And since I have no desire to use VZ Navigator, I may never know. Was it there pre-2.2? I can't remember.
#5 RawlingsSc, Sep 7, 2010
No, i believe that whole menu is new, and it's hard to tell what each selection does, and what effect it has on battery life.
#6 gijoe411, Sep 7, 2010