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looking for a DLNA adapter for older TV?

I travel a lot, used to hard-wire my ipod touch to hotel tv to watch videos. Not many hotels have DLNA- ready TV's. Does anyone know if there's such a thing as an "adapter" that would hook up to the TV (maybe an RCA cable or hdmi) and recieve the signal from my droid 2 global?


#1 afv123, Jan 14, 2011
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OK - interesting question and a new one for me. Having a phone with an HDMI port gives me a leg up on having checked into a bit of this. :)

First - going from digital to RCA (composite (1-yellow)) isn't cheap - I was able to track down one or two boxes, one on Amazon that as I recall went for +200 bucks. And that was with HDMI in.

What you're asking (and very intriguing, by the way) would have that same thing adding a wifi radio, and then the DLNA software. Just for that - nope, I'm not sure we'd find one of those.

OK, how about same thing, with HDMI out saving that digital-to-analog cost? Mmmk - but we never did account for network management to get the signal from the phone to the box - and the hotel's wifi isn't really going to cut it for that (per most hotels I've been in). And to have an on-board wireless manager in addition to DLNA... I can't imagine anyone making one of those.

And if they did, I'd imagine they'd have to stick the price up to pay for engineering.

So, I looked at the new Roku boxes because I'd heard they were getting DLNA support -

Roku Player Products | Roku HD Player, Roku XD Player and Roku XDS Player

But then found that was just a bad report, per their statements -

Roku Forums • View topic - DLNA

Still, you'd think there'd be something, so looking up UPnP (the transport protocol for DLNA) gives this - and it's bupkiss, nada -

List of UPnP AV media servers and clients - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Defeating the whole purpose of what you want to do is the one workaround left I can think of:

A cheap laptop or netbook that hardwires to the hotel TV (The old Sony VAIO laptops, while bricks, were great for that) and can act as a private wireless with a DLNA client.

Sorry I couldn't give a better answer. Maybe somebuddy can find something I've overlooked.

Great question though!
#2 EarlyMon, Jan 14, 2011
Is this kinda what you are looking for?
HTC brings DLNA to non-DLNA TVs

Were you able to find anything?
#3 mjrtom, Jan 17, 2011
I haven't found anything - that's way cool - thanks. I can't find that it's available yet though...
#4 EarlyMon, Jan 17, 2011
Yea I can't find it either. It's called the htc media link dg h100, but after ten seconds of research, I only found speculated release dates and high prices.
#5 mjrtom, Jan 17, 2011
Well, the car dock was shown early, too. :)
#6 EarlyMon, Jan 17, 2011
Really the only cheap thing out there is a low-end Blu-Ray player that does DLNA streaming, but that's not exactly portable.

It's an interesting question, but I doubt you'll see a whole lot of people jumping to offer something like this. It'd need Wi-Fi, the video out systems and be able to run a light DLNA media client. Technically it shouldn't be crazy, but the cost of development and small audience would probably keep the price too high to really make money off it. I think your best bet is to get a phone with video out (or that has a home docking station with video out).

I'm guessing you're a frequent business traveller, so I'm also guessing you travel with a laptop. You're probably better off throwing a small, light wi-fi router in your bag to network your phone and laptop together and then output your laptop to the TV.
#7 dawankler, Jan 18, 2011
Netgear HDTV Media Player

WD Media Link

Asus O!Play

Sony PS3 or xBox
#8 streetr, Jun 15, 2011
Does this come close to what you're thinking of
www dot newegg dot com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815117015

Sorry - I can't post links yet... if you can't figure that out, then you probably can't figure out how to use that device, though.
#9 Darr247, Feb 22, 2013