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So, in the Discord app, you can type : joy : (without the spaces between "joy" and the colons) to type the joy emoji.

Are there any Android apps that can do something to your phone, like editing your personal dictionary or something else, to make this possible with normal keyboards?

I use a full PC styled keyboard on my phone, but it doesn't contain an emoji key, and it becomes quite tedious to swap keyboards to type emoji.

If anyone can recommend a substitute for Hacker's Keyboard that has swipe typing, arrow keys, control key, escape key, mic key, emoji swap key, and emoji search based on name, I would be ever so grateful. If an app such as this exists somewhere, I wouldn't even care for anything else.


#1 iiPostMaster, Jun 4, 2018
Are we allowed to bump? If not, I sincerely apologize, and I'm willing to take an account infraction if one is given. ;-;
#2 iiPostMaster, Jun 10, 2018
You can do that in GBoard.
#3 mikedt, Jun 10, 2018
There aren't arrow keys in GBoard, there's no Control key in GBoard, there's no Escape key in GBoard, and the two most important notes; you can't emoji swap on GBoard's PC layout, and enter key acts as message send instead of carriage return in SMS.
#4 iiPostMaster, Jun 11, 2018
Oh OK, somebody else reading this thread may know of one. :thumbsupdroid:

Although FWIW I'd never heard of discord, and had to google it. Don't think it's something I'm likely to use anyway.
#5 mikedt, Jun 11, 2018