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Looking for Music App

Have a Galaxy S7 Verizon phone. None of the free music apps I've found so far - including the Samsung Music app on the phone - sort the music inside the playlists. They leave it as it is - which is the order in which I put it on the list, with the most recent songs being LAST (which IMO is really stupid to be the default sort).

Is there an app out there that sorts the music on the playlists? A-Z and other options? Because none of them seem to have any options except "shuffle" (grrr). I don't want to pay for one unless I know it can do what I want, but will gladly buy one that sorts!

Thanks -



#1 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 10, 2017
I use Pulsar plus that sorts by artist, alphabetically, name, date modified..
#2 Dannydet, Oct 10, 2017
I don't do playlists but PowerAmp has a List Options setting that changes how albums are viewed and played. Give the free trial in the Play Store a try.
When you create a playlist does it get it's own folder?
#3 dontpanicbobby, Oct 11, 2017
I don't know. Will have to look. That might be a good approach.
#4 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 11, 2017
Just tried that the other day. Like the interface. Doesn't sort within the playlist. :p
#5 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 11, 2017
#6 dontpanicbobby, Oct 11, 2017
[QUOTE="When you create a playlist does it get it's own folder?[/QUOTE]

Nope. sigh.
#7 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 11, 2017
I'll try something with PoweAmp when i get back to work tonight. I usually listen to albums sequentially amd don't bother with playlists but your question intrigues me.
#8 dontpanicbobby, Oct 11, 2017
PowerAmp! YES!! Has a bit of a learning curve, but I will get it. Thanks so much!
#9 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 11, 2017
BTW I did find *two* Playlists files. The one on the phone had the playlists actually in it (with the music being stored on my SD card, that makes sense, not...). Can't open the files, needs something that opens PLA in the phone. Even though I have Pi Music on the phone, and it's supposed to do that..... But I am copying them into my card file just in case.

Now that I know where the files are, is there a way to sort them there? Thanks!
#10 YabbaDabbaDoody, Oct 11, 2017