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Looking for Sticky (Stickie) Note App That syncs w/ PC

I am trying to find a stickie note app that will sync w/ the notes on my PC.

I have found some good apps but none that will sync up.

Any one have any suggestions?



#1 shaffe43, May 12, 2010
Evernote kinda does that. It runs pretty well : http://www.evernote.com

There's an app for it in the Market...
#2 halytech, May 12, 2010
Thanks, but im looking for more of a sticky not esque type.

Kind of likethe ones that come with win7 or the free ones that you can get from the market but that can sync.

I would rather use the sticky notes than a Todo list because i use them for more of a running tab rather than a required to do for that day task list.

Thanks for your suggestion.
#3 shaffe43, May 12, 2010
Also interested in this feature...
#4 gww528, Jun 21, 2010
Sticky Notes Online

I am not sure when it will be available for Android. It says Q2 of 2010.
#5 Shrimpyaab, Sep 1, 2010
What about AK Notepad - Android app on AppBrain ? I haven't used it, but I did, no pun intended, take note of it.

EDIT: oops...my bad. It doesn't sync with the PC...it "* Securely sync notes to snaptic.com"
#6 w_bovine, Sep 1, 2010
I think if you want to "paste" stickies to your phone's home screen and then be able to transfer those stickies to your PC, you might be out of luck. I googled "android note sync," and all I found were apps that sync to third party web sites, like snaptic.com(3banana), or just store the note to your sd card.
#7 pavirotten, Sep 2, 2010
I know this is an old thread, but I just found it. Checked developer's website and their facebook page. New projected availability timeframe is late this month. I'm anxious to use it. Syncing with PC is feature I'd really like to have.
#8 4mryooper, Jul 17, 2011
Dear Sir,
We just released the Sticky Notes Online client for Android yesterday.
Do check it out.
#9 sharpra, Jul 20, 2011
I have a few questions.

1. Is the limit to 10 notes due to you saving them on a server?
2. If you don't want to use the online sync, is there a possibility of an update with more than 10 notes available?
3. Is there a character limit on the notes?
4. Is there any chance that you will allow your desktop and device client to be run through Dropbox?

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but it just seems like this is very much a temporary note application. As of now, it looks like you either have the choice of replacing your notes as you sync up with the server or just stay with the ten and never write a new note again.
#10 KendallParis, Jul 20, 2011

Has anyone found something resembling this yet? I've been looking but there still doesn't seem to be a sticky notes widget that will sync up to the same on PC.
#11 itsapanda, Feb 13, 2012