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Lookout vs. Avast! Mobile Security

For the longest time I have used Lookout on my smartphones because "they" said it was the best for mobile security. It was definitely easy to use, had a clean interface, and I am assuming it did what it was supposed to do. I saw where it scanned applications, checked new installs, etc. I used the free version. The premium version has even more function.

By the same token I have used aVast! on my computers for the longest time and never had a problem on any of my PCs due to viruses, spyware, etc. When I found out that aVast! had a mobile security app out, I had to give it a try. To be fair toward Lookout, I used the free version of aVast! as well.

My finding is that aVast! blows Lookout out of the water. Both scanned applications and files, checking for viruses and spyware, walware, etc. Both have alerts and can be tracked via GPS.

However, aVast! has a customizeable scanner where you can check apps, SD card, both, and even set up the scan schedule. It has a privacy advisor and lets you know which apps (and how many) can access and do what on your phone. It lets you know which apps are tracking your location, which ones can read your messages, which ones can access your contacts list, access your accounts, and which ones can change secure settings. It even tells you which apps are accessing web pages you open.

It goes further by listing which apps are running, gives you the option to force close apps, has a built-in web shield, user controlled sms and call filter, firewall for rooted phones, detailed anti-theft settings, general settings, and can even be password protected so no one can access aVast! without the pw!

All this...for free! After giving it the full tryout, I have removed Lookout from my phone and will be relying on aVast! from now. They have served my computers flawlessly for years, now they will serve my smart phones!

Of course many believe that smart phones don't need any type of mobile security, and that such applications are just snake oil. I however, like having some peace of mind, even if it is a facade.


#1 CPRDrummer, Mar 10, 2012
Peace of mind is a good thing and thanks for your review of the two AV's. I think I will give Avast a try some time and see how I like it even though I am currently using Lookout and it does have a clean UI and I have never had one problem with it nor has it ever found anything on my phone. You do get basic features on the free version of lookout and some good ones on the premium version, but if you get way more on the free version of avast then that's a definite plus. Of course, even with AV's that doesn't mean your invincible but rather to keep you safe just in case. I find nothing wrong with having a AV on android even though it's fairly secure, but that doesn't mean it can't get malware. I see them as a safety first type of deal and one of the best AV's IMO is you, the comments, the permissions, ratings and our community here. Nice comparison of the two and thanks for sharing with us and cool to see you have the Inspire too.:) I'll look into Avast and give it a try.
#2 Metroid Prime, Mar 10, 2012
I was like..."Inspire"? Huh? Then I remembered that was my wife's phone and had it for 3 days before getting the Motorola Atrix! :)
#3 CPRDrummer, Mar 10, 2012
Excellent choice! Have you checked out our http://phandroid.com/phones/ section to find your device and it's support and discussion forums? Oh, and by the way, welcome to Android forums:)
#4 Metroid Prime, Mar 10, 2012
I wish Prey would work on my Droid Incredible 2.

I just installed Avast.. and what's the point of "hiding" it.. renaming it.. if you have on send a command like "<password> Locate" to locate your phone!? You just told the thief some tracking software is installed!

At least with Prey you can set the alert message to be something innocent... a typical message with a misspelling like "were r u?" No one would think twice about that. Plus, prey lets you log into a site to then track your phone.. and it can send emails with the location information.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but Avast doesn't have a website to log into for tracking. In fact.. I sent the "locate" message and now have no idea what's going to happen. Will the friend I put into Avast get a notice? If so, that sucks. If I'm not with that friend and I don't have my phone.. how can they help me?

Clearly, I need to do a little more research on Avast, but it's not as intuitive and useful as I'd hoped it would be.
#5 kwalla, Mar 10, 2012
Good review. Even though I don't use Avast on my desktop, I too switched from Lookout to Avast on my Droidx. Runs without trouble and is so much more customizable.
#6 dpiehl, Mar 11, 2012
I use the norton mobile security app..... you can add the anti theft app to it as well
#7 don2775, Mar 11, 2012
The best thing about Avast, now that I've played with it some, is that it shows a list which programs have certain permissions. I had no idea Angry Birds wanted my location... that's really not necessary.

I never did get anything (nor my friend whose number I input) when I tested the Avast Locate feature. I've just disabled that part and am going with it a just anti-virus.

#8 kwalla, Mar 11, 2012
Anti virus?

For what?
#9 Kicksilver, Mar 11, 2012

Avast Does have a web portal https://my.avast.com where you can look at all of your devices phones tablets ect. You can then ping them individually for a GPS location, Lock the device, and or sound the Siren. There is no text sent and the scum bag that has your device has no idea that you know where he is. You can also send a wipe command and Delete all those personal pics that you don't want to appear in the internet LOL and if your rooted it will do a factory reset of your device. All of the above features were tested on my Galaxy note and worked perfectly with the exception of the factory reset but it did wipe all the photos and miscellaneous folders from the internal memory
#10 drayron, Dec 27, 2012
Just stumbled on this thread. I have used Lookout and Avast just like the OP. And like the OP, have never tried Avast Mobile.

Is there any difference in battery usage between the two?
#11 speedlever, May 22, 2013