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General "loved" texts repeating

I'm stuck in a group text with mostly iphone users. I'm being driven mad by the new IOS feature that allows users to love or like texts. As some of you know on android it just repeats the text back again and its so annoying. ESPECIALLY with long texts.

Here's an example of what happens:

Eric: Let's all meet up for drinks somewhere when afterwards we can head back to my place and make pizza.
John: Loved "Let's all meet up for drinks somewhere when afterwards we can head back to my place and make pizza."

And there are 14 people in the group doing that. wouldn't be a big deal if a little icon appeared or something, but the repeating the whole text is making me lose my mind.

Is there any way to hide this, or change it, or turn it off? If not i might just have to leave the group.

Kinda sucks how a new iphone feature makes my android texting suck now.


#1 Brucebunson, May 23, 2017
I doubt there's much you can do apart from ask the iPhone owners to stop, or switch the group to a cross-platform system like WhatsApp which would work the same for everyone. To your phone these are presumably just ordinary messages, and treated as such.

The problem is that iPhone owners will be communicating via iMessage, which is an IP-based message system, so for them it will be sending a custom flag to make an icon appear. But to non-iOS devices it sends regular sms, and it seems that Apple have chosen to send copies of messages for likes rather than just not send this stuff to non-iOS users. In other words it's a poor implementation by Apple. I doubt they have provided an option not to send these to non-iOS users, but you'd need to look through iMessage settings to see.

Of course people could complain to Apple, but since it took several years and a class action to get them to provide a solution to their iMessage deregistration bug (which put people off switching) it's unlikely they will do anything to make it less annoying for non-iOS users - they may even think that some of their customers will believe this is a problem with other platforms rather than a bad design by Apple and so it will help lock them in.
#2 Hadron, May 24, 2017
Or an incentive for non-iOS users to switch to using Apple.
#3 LV426, May 24, 2017
I kind of figured it would be something like that. You are right about the uselessness of reaching out to apple.

"Dear Apple, can you please change things on your end to make my android experience better?"
#4 Brucebunson, May 24, 2017
To be fair, Google don't listen to Android owners either... ;)
#5 Hadron, May 24, 2017
Well right, but it's much more fun to ignore that fact and just blame Apple first for all our texting woes :p
#6 Clementine_3, May 24, 2017
We are slightly biased of course. In a way I'm not surprised that Apple have introduced this non standard extension to texting. Just another way of locking users in. I'd like to think that Android is a more open system.
#7 LV426, May 24, 2017
If you are using iMessage I guess it's like FB messaging. The problem is that they have made a bad choice of what it should do for non-iMessage users in the conversation.
#8 Hadron, May 24, 2017
I’m an iPhone user and I’ve noticed this happening in the last couple weeks. Believe me the people that have “loved” a preceding thread don’t realize they’ve done it. I can’t even figure out HOW to do it. If anyone knows share it so I can avoid I!
#9 mamajojo, Jun 13, 2018 at 7:11 AM