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Low Memory Browser

Opera mini
#2 smeetsinha, Jan 8, 2016
CM Browser
#4 Italo, Jan 9, 2016
Strongly recommend not to install CM Browser or anything else by Cheetah Mobile! Here:s why:


I've never found what I would consider to be a good lightweight browser for Android. The terms 'good' and 'lightweight' don't seem compatible.

Firefox is a little easier on RAM than Chrome. You might give it a try.
#5 Crashdamage, Jan 9, 2016
Lighting. Named for good reason. I replace chrome with this on all of my devices.
#6 Father Guido, Jan 9, 2016
naked browser
#7 bk11222, Jan 14, 2016
Hi Yesevil.
Opera Mini is the lowest memory seeking browser. It is much faster than other normal browser. I would strongly suggest you to go for Opera mini.
#8 TaylorRebbeca, Jan 15, 2016