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Support low Memory

When I try to download pics on Craigslist my phone says I don't have enough memory but I only used half my phone storage. After uninstalling a few apps it says the same thing..Do anyone know how to fix this??


#1 Alcatel41, Apr 15, 2014
Getting an SD carda
#2 tindodger, Apr 15, 2014
in settings/storage is sd card set as your "DEFAULT WRITE DISK
#3 viperdink, Apr 15, 2014
Downloads will go to /storage/sdcard0/Download by default. If you do not have and external sdcard inserted, internal sd will be assigned to sdcard0 and storage space can be used up rather quickly.
#4 DNRDustin, Apr 15, 2014
Thank you guys I inserted an SD card and that was that. I appreciate your help and thanks again.
#5 Alcatel41, Apr 15, 2014