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Many apps keep installing,possible virus?

I don't know when it started but my phone keeps installing these apps after i uninstall them "Doctor Clean" "Super File Manager" "Super Locker" and there are more,but these are the ones i remember.They all have the same start screen and their notifications look the same,so they're all coming from a single source.
I keep uninstalling them and like a day later they install again.I'm afraid that installing an antivirus may slow down my phone.
I have downloaded one thing from an unknown source and many things from
Maybe this caused the "virus".
Any solutions?
Antivirus suggestions that don't slow down my phone?


#1 Lugarat, Oct 8, 2017
Hello there!
I would agree with you that the unwanted apps are coming from a single source.
Do you have anything installed by Cheetah Mobile or DU Security Labs? Or perhaps some other sketchy so-called anti-virus app?
#2 Mikestony, Oct 8, 2017
what phone are you using? Those apps that keeps getting installed on your phone are the same apps that a malware called snowfox installs on a phone and this malware usually comes preinstalled on no brand chinese phones. Go check on your All Apps on your setting and see if there is an app called "fqad" and disable that. If this was the case though I just advise you to get a new phone or flash a custom rom if your phone have one.
#3 Jhayzone, Oct 8, 2017
[Reply to mikestony,because Jhayzone,i don't have fqad or a chinese phone]
I don't have anything installed from these two.These are the "companies" found by searching the apps in Google Play Store:
App: Super File Manager - "Company":Onegogo
App: Super Locker - "Company":Augeapps
App: Doctor Clean - "Company":Kepoodev
(I think all of these apps,or at least the ones i've got in my phone,advertise APUS,not sure all of them though,but i'm pretty sure the design of these apps is pretty much the same as APUS,and two of them give my phone an extra screen to unlock,which look both the same,AND like APUS)
I've thought about the possibility of a malware copy of these apps which may be harmless in the original version,and NOT look the same in the original version.So i installed all of these apps on a different device from google play store.Their start screens still look the same,so i guess these three "companies" are a single entity in disguise.There may be malware in google play store,and i'm not surprised by that,but it's not normal that these apps install on my phone automatically.There is some virus there either from a random source or by this entity that keeps installing these apps,and i need to stop it.I don't know how to identify the source though.
Also,this just happened.When i used my phone like an hour ago some ads started popping out of nowhere while i was using other apps.I don't remember them well,but i think they also had the APUS style.The mentioned apps or any other suspicious app were not installed.This just started an hour ago,never happened before.Well,i guess i've got another problem.
Anyway,any way to find the source? i'm not good at seeing what are important apps essential for my phone to work and what are viruses(example:in the section of downloaded apps i had an app called settings an with icon that i've never seen before.I have literally never seen this app,but i don't know if it's part of my settings app or a virus)
#4 Lugarat, Oct 11, 2017
I would seriously consider a factory reset if you're not rooted. I just read through the permissions of these apps and you pretty much have given them the keys to the kingdom. I would venture that the app you sideloaded was the source, but I doubt uninstalling it will fix the problem. If it took advantage of an exploit and install the malware int he system partition, then you really need to reflash the stock firmware.
#5 lunatic59, Oct 11, 2017
I think the particular phone the OP's got could be important here, like if it's a recent Samsung or ZTE or Oppo or something with updates it should be alright, as some of those have proved to be impossible to root so far AFAIK. But if it's an older device or something cheapo....
#6 mikedt, Oct 11, 2017
Good point. @Lugarat , what make and model phone are we talking about here?
#7 lunatic59, Oct 12, 2017
It's a small BLU,bought it like a year ago
#8 Lugarat, Oct 12, 2017
I think that Blu got in trouble a while back for Adups, possible spyware, that sales where suspended for a while at Amazon.
#9 Jfalls63, Oct 12, 2017
In addition to the distinct possiblity of Adups(Chinese) system malware as it's a Blu, depending on the exact model and Android version it's running. If it's 5.x Lollipop then that could have been root exploit infected by a malicious app, in which case a firmware re-flash is required. If it's 6.x Marshmallow or 7.x Nougat that might be aright, and possibly just a factory reset should clear it. So I think try factory resetting the phone and see what happens, and play close attention to what apps and games you're installing, just use Google Play or Amazon Apps, i.e. trusted sources.
#10 mikedt, Oct 12, 2017 Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
I guess i'm f***ed,it's a 5.1.
Thanks for all the help and information guys,i'll see what i can do.
#11 Lugarat, Oct 15, 2017