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Support marshmallow adoptable storage still doesn't use much of the sd card

cyanogenmod 13.
installed 32gb sd card. Using as Internal mode.

Storage and USB settings have two items... Internal storage (very limited space 3.96gb) and Sandisk SD card 29.70gb.

Every time I install a new app, my Internal storage gets consumed more than the SD card.
891mb used on Internal, only 804mb used on sd card, of which apps only use 10mb.

I thought 3rd party apps would all be installed on the sd card only. But apps are eating up my internal storage fast.

What's up with that? Am I going to run out of space to install apps soon?


#1 catchingup, Dec 21, 2016
Hey there

While i used the same settings in my phone earlier , it did moved some of 3rd party apps to sd card but not all.

If you really want them to transfer all of them on sd card on your own, download an app called "Link2SD" from play store and it has many different options that are worth trying for a guy like you .

Do take care it may demand ROOT permission to move Pre-installed apps ,it also has a setting which allows you to install every app on Sd card each time you install it .
#2 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 21, 2016
Adoptive storage works differently from apps like Link2SD, while Link2SD sees the internal storage and SD card as two separate storages and can move everything to SD card if you want it to do so, adoptive storage sees them as one and doesn't use the SD card as primary storage unless there is no space left in the internal storage.

Anyway, move everything to SD card is not a good idea because its low read/write speed. Having a near empty internal memory might give you satisfaction visually but your device will run slower.
#3 lvt, Dec 21, 2016
Learning the android better , Thanks :)
#4 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 21, 2016
I don't think App2SD (or Link2SD) works on marshmallow. I may be wrong, haven't used it in a few years but someone else who uses it now may clarify.

As far as Adoptable storage, I can't figure out where the app installs to first (the sd card or the true internal storage). I've had 2 phones with it and have seen the apps download straight to both. I am clueless.:D
#5 tube517, Dec 21, 2016
Link2Sd works on marshmallow;)
#6 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 21, 2016
Ah, looks like Vicky figured it out.


But, still doesn't answer the question of where the app installs to first in Adoptable storage
#7 tube517, Dec 21, 2016
I'm a longtime user of Link2SD until recently when my new phones come with Marshmallow, eliminating the need for rooting.

Adoptive storage will use your entire SD card for the purpose while Link2sd only uses one partition, leaving you the other partition as ordinary mass storage.

If you use Link2sd after each power up or restart of your phone, you must make a fast reboot to reload the user interface to make your linked apps work, otherwise they aren't available automatically.

Adoptive storage made things transparent and easy for users as you don't need rooting or reboot your phone twice.
#8 lvt, Dec 21, 2016
It doesn't matter because your SD card has been a part of the system's memory, you don't have any control on it (Link2sd offers a lot of options), you only can move apps back and forth on the fly as long as you have free space.

While an app can be moved to the SD card as you wish, Android still can save the app's additional files in the internal memory as well, and the real size of those extra files is usually hidden from user. That's why sometimes you may notice that an app consumes storage space on both sides while you expect it to only use the SD card's space.
#9 lvt, Dec 21, 2016 Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
based on the few apps i've installed, adoptable storage dumps everything on the phone's built-in memory, even if the sdcard is adopted.

That's why my internal memory is shrinking so fast, and the sdcard is pretty much untouched.

My phone only comes with 8gb memory, of which 4gb is usable. I need a better solution than adoptable storage.

I clicked the sdcard to see what was eating up space, and there was hardly anything on the sdcard. I expected the apk files to be dumped to sdcard at least.

Do 3rd party apps encrypt when they install to sdcard?
#10 catchingup, Dec 21, 2016 Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
It will use up your phone's internal memory first then start using your SD card. Your phone sees your SD card as internal memory so when your internal storage is used up it will put apps on your SD card.
#11 MLSS, Dec 21, 2016
I guess that ain't correct ,idk if it is or not ,bcoz if I format my memory card as internal ,it will transfer as much as internal data to memory card and then it won't use internal memory until my external is full. [emoji52]
#12 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 21, 2016
It could be the other way around, topping up the device's internal memory first has some technical advantages:

The overall speed could be better if the apps are accessed from the internal memory, especially large apps like Facebook which can weigh up to 1GB in size over the time.

Reducing wear on the SD card.

If your SD card is corrupted, the apps that are stored in the internal memory would continue working, so you shouldn't move frequently used apps to the SD card unless your phone completely runs out of space.
#13 lvt, Dec 21, 2016
I would get a high quality micro sd card and get link2sd app
#14 Camp Smith, Dec 22, 2016
Yes Link2sd is recommendable if your device is rooted and you have a lot of apps to install.
#15 lvt, Dec 22, 2016

Really? I read somewhere that as soon as the Internal storage is used up, you will get insufficient space error messages , which will disallow you from installing any more apps.

I need to try this and install 100 random apps to see if I get an insufficient space error.
#16 catchingup, Dec 23, 2016
Yes happened with me earlier , my Internal storage was empty but external (formatted as internal) was full , it really sucked , so i had to move data to internal back .
#17 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 23, 2016
Adoptive storage is designed to fix that problem.
#18 lvt, Dec 23, 2016
Unless you manually move the apps to the SD card until it's full or vice versa, Android should never let it happen.
#19 lvt, Dec 23, 2016
Ok, I finally succeeded in proving that in adopted storage mode, if your internal storage space runs low, you can no longer install anything more.

However, I installed a gazillion junk apps to reach this point, so Android does a pretty good job managing space.

I haven't fully tested Apps2SD, so I don't know if it is more or less efficient than Adopted storage mode.

Internal storage needs ~450MB free, even in Adoptable storage mode.
I got this error message when I tried to install one final small sized app.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
#20 catchingup, Dec 24, 2016
I believe that 99% of Android users would lose or break their phones long before they could reach the goal you just achieved.
#21 lvt, Dec 24, 2016
#22 Sudhanshu kumar, Dec 24, 2016
Please help... I didn't use my phone memory... By file manager App, es explore... Something like that... When I do.. sd card internal storage....
#23 Max Payne is it, Dec 25, 2016
What problem do you have?
#24 lvt, Dec 25, 2016
Have been using the Adoptable Storage feature ever since Optus released Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy S5 which was back in September 2016 and now I have reached the dreaded Internal Storage space running out message. So I disagree that you would be at the stage of replacing a handset by the time this would occur.

As you can see I have 16Gb Internal Storage and a 128Gb SD Card which I have partitioned half of that as Adopted Storage and the other half as Portable Storage

Since my SD Card Adopted has plenty of available space (approx. 50.72GB) where as the Internal Storage has only (750MB) I was expecting that Android would continue using the Adopted storage.

Thinking I had to manually move some of the contents from Internal into Adopted I decided to use the Migrate data

The prompt told me that after the export was completed it would result in freeing up 3.69GB in my device storage.

I'd assume this meant my Internal Storage would gain extra space but instead it was being filled up.
After reading this post from another forum it suggests that the Migrate data does the opposite ie transfer from Adopted back to Internal. Is that right??

From the first image where you see SD card Adopted has 9.11GB used, when you drill down it tells me 13.28GB is used


Then if I choose one of the apps from drilling down Used space eg Word it says its stored in external storage device

When you press Change to have a look it says its in SD card not SD card Adopted.

This makes no sense as I had previously transferred it to Adopted. And when I select Adopted on this screen it still stays as SD Card.
So is this how it is for others?
#25 peteroid, Feb 7, 2017