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Marshmallow wifi issue on Note 4

I got the upgrade to marshmallow the other day. I'm on sprint and the update hosed my wifi. I was reading through stuff on the Internet and it seems that if you go to...Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Reset Network settings, which resets all your Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth settings, the problem is resolved. I hope this bit of information helps someone.


#1 scanman, Apr 1, 2016
On Verizon is just simply called 'reset' in the same path name you said.
#2 AZgl1500, Apr 1, 2016
Update to my issue - though it appeared that the problem was solved it still occurs, but if the steps I described above are followed you get wifi back. Unfortunately you have to sync your bluetooth devices and enter you wifi passwords.
#3 scanman, Apr 3, 2016
Verizon doesn't have Marshmallow yet.
#4 Canesfan, Apr 3, 2016
you are so right, but in 5.1.1 it is just simply 'reset'
even if VZW releases 6.x for us, I think I am going to just skip it....

my daughter has a HTC M9 and on the forum, there is a lot of gripers who wish they had never allowed it to happen to their Verizon phones.

I asked her if she wanted to 'update her phone', she said no, so we told it "NO"
#5 AZgl1500, Apr 3, 2016
Ok, so I was still having the Wi-Fi issue and decided too take a chance on a hard reset. Good news, it solved my problem plus my battery life is phenomenal. Other people's results may vary. I'm not sure what the issue was but I am adding back only the apps that I use on a daily basis too see if it might have some the garbage I had downloaded from the play store. I'll keep you informed any other issues arise. Cheers.
#6 scanman, Apr 9, 2016
tnx for the update report:

those are very valuable to future readers.
#7 AZgl1500, Apr 9, 2016
A side note to my update, I did this 3 days ago and it is still working fine.
#8 scanman, Apr 10, 2016
...syncs now I'm back to square one. Thinking about the 7 edge because I can't wait for an update to fix the issue.
#9 scanman, Apr 17, 2016
Well, the phone went from bad to worse. Another update was rolled out and that really messed up my phone. I dropped it off at the corporate sprint store a couple of hours ago. I will pick it up when I am done with work. It may or may not be fixed. Either way I think I am done with this phone and going to get the S7 Edge.
#10 scanman, Apr 23, 2016
The phone was so fubar'd the sprint tech couldn't fix it. They offered a refurb unit but I would have had to wait a week or more. Went with the S7 Edge. Good bye note 4 community.
#11 scanman, Apr 26, 2016