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Support Massive battery drain: Google Play Services & Store

Hi all,

Just got my S4 back this week from Warranty service... wanted to have a hardware issue fixed before I void the warranty by installing a custom ROM.

Anyway, I got the phone back, (no sim inserted yet) let it update all stock apps via play store over wifi, and charged it up. Added 1 google account. Rebooted. Then unplugged it. It drains about 4-5% of battery per hour in "inert" mode, mostly Google Play Services (38%) and Google Play Store (20%).

Since I probably will be putting a ROM on this thing it doesn't matter much, but it was a shock. Is there a bogus play store bug again that's hogging battery out there?



#1 Marc_G, Jul 18, 2014
Using latest Google Play Store, v4.8.22, and no problems on that for me.

As for Google Play Services, you could try... Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services and wipe cache and data, to see if that helps.

(Anyone wanting to check their current Play Store version... Play Store > Settings > Build version)
#2 ironass, Jul 18, 2014
Thanks. I will double check the version when I get home. :)
#3 Marc_G, Jul 18, 2014
Check your PM's. ;)
#4 ironass, Jul 18, 2014
I get the feeling your Play Store and Google Services were probably updating themselves as well, Google pushed both their updates out in the last few weeks, and I am assuming that your S4 was probably whiped when being serviced so neither Play Store or Services were on the latest versions.
#5 Tsepz_GP, Jul 19, 2014
I found a massive (new) wakelock drain with the latest Google Play Services update. Normally, my highest wakelock overnight is AquaMail at ~7%. After the update, Google Play Services moved into the #1 spot at 51%! The culprit is a wakelock named WakefulIntentService[GCoreUlr-LocationReportingService]. Disabling it got battery life and wakelock percentage back to normal, and seems to cause no ill effect. Google Maps, Google Now, and Android Device Manager all find my location without a problem.
#6 Mr. Lucky, Jul 19, 2014
What version is that Mr. Lucky? I have GPS v5.0.84 and have not noticed anything unusual about battery drain.

Speaking of wakelocks, Wakelock Detector no longer works on my unrooted GS4 after the KK update. Are there any other wakelock detectors that anyone can suggest?
#7 speedlever, Jul 23, 2014
It's whatever version came right before that one. I just noticed that it updated yet again to v5.0.84. The way I can tell is because 5.0.84 was installed as an update in /data/app. Since my phone is rooted, I move Google apps to /system/app to avaoid having two versions taking up space. This new version snuck in while I wasn't looking. :)

I'll try re-enabling that wakelock in Wakelock Terminator and see if it makes any difference now.
#8 Mr. Lucky, Jul 24, 2014