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Support Maxx just shuts down?

My week old Maxx has just inexplicably shut down. Twice. After the first time, it really made no sense. It had over 70% battery juice remaining, it wasn't hot, I had just used it, put it down, needed to use it again and...nothing. Since you can't remove the battery on this, couldn't do that. AFter several things, nothing worked so I called VZN support and I was able to restart by holding down the power button and volume rocker at the same time for about 7 seconds. AFter that it worked great. Until another complete shutdown again this morning. I don't have the warranty but have another 22+ days left to decide if I want to keep or exchange the phone.

I suppose I could just do that, but I just spent days getting all the apps, contacts, etc. all set up, and now this??

Anybody know why this just happens for no reason?


#1 Markus729, Mar 26, 2012
I also searched threads here, and it seems like this happens on other devices as well. No answers there, either...
#2 Markus729, Mar 26, 2012
No phone is perfection, but most of the maxx's seem better than alot of others. Mine is awesome. Fast efficient and easy and fun to use. I'd utilize your return option sometime before it runs out and get another maxx . Maybe one of your apps is whacko causing an issue. Anything installed about when this happened? Unless you can trace your issue to some app you installed, just replace the phone.
#3 cbreze, Mar 27, 2012
Just to play it safe, I may use the return option. Ugh. It's not like really really enjoy spending time with my phone. I'm also wondering if I'm being too sensitive, expecting the world with this Maxx? Maybe it's simply an action I did wrong...
#4 Markus729, Mar 27, 2012
I didn't know what to really expect with the maxx, but ended up thinking I made a heck of a good choice. Have you tried a hard reset yet? That's what Verizon tech would probably tell you to try. Worth a shot. I'm still thinking it may be an app. I have some apps but never overload my devices with frivolous stuff ;) At least you do still have the easy return option.
#5 cbreze, Mar 27, 2012
Ooooh, that's a good point. I may as well do a factory reset now, inside of the 'return' window. Then, I'll have a couple of weeks to see if it keeps doing it. If not, then it likely was an app. If it does, then I can still return it.

BTW, I have about 84 apps, but none of them are really frivolous. My wife thinks I load up my phone with junk, but I'm a power user, which is why I got the Maxx's favorable battery life. My apps are all pragmatic and useful, not a single game. I know the Maxx is the right phone, it's just a concern with these shut downs.

#6 Markus729, Mar 27, 2012

What is your software version? When I got my Maxx I activated it, and it was on 2.3.4, and immediately gave me an OTA update to 2.3.6. I wonder if 2.3.6 has anything to do with it, in which case a hard reset might be a good idea anyway.
#7 Markus729, Mar 27, 2012
Yes, 2.3.6 is the latest. Mine is working great tho and it updated OTA without a hitch. I am rooted tho which gives me some flexibility. FWIW, I have maybe 15 to 20 apps tops. I came from a diff android device to the maxx and at that time I loaded each app individually. Don't know why, but I've always been leery of loading everything from a stored back up and all in one shot. I like to start fresh with every new device. Maybe try a different ui launcher also. One never knows. I've surprisingly heard from several diff forums folks having issues with go launcher. I never had any, but ADW was a PITA for me and I couldn't use it. I'm wondering if diff apps maybe could conflict with one launcher and not another. Just thinking out loud.;)
if you hard reset would you be able to test your maxx before loading your apps? Might not be feasible, but if it messed up you could pretty well say it was the maxx and not an app.
#8 cbreze, Mar 27, 2012
So I had the same issue - and another ... the other was due to the use of pocket detection being turned on ... I'd be using the MAXX in the dark and the screen whould continually shut off ...:mad:

As for the shutdown - ie crash ... I did a factory reset and started adding apps back one at a time ... Found a possible issue with double-twist :(... Other than that, I've been rock solid since ...

#9 bzxzlg, Mar 27, 2012
Just wanted to point this out because I'm not sure if you know, but the worry free period through Verizon directly is only 14 days unless you bought from a different retailer like Best Buy or something. Just figured I would let you know just in case. I don't wanna see you get stuck with a broken phone if you didn't know. Good luck
#10 fdnj48, Mar 28, 2012
Thanks, fdnj48, I found that out too yesterday when I was talking to Verizon. I had thought it was 30 days, but that is only for the decision to buy insurance. (BTW, isn't it strategic on Verizon's part to have the insurance deadline be 2 weeks LONGER than the phone return deadline? If your phone breaks down in that 2 weeks, of course you will get the insurance, then!). My personal deadline with my phone is due next Tuesday, 4/3. I'm going to use the heck out of it.

As an update, I did do a factory reset and the phone actually has a few things that look and act different than before. It is much smoother, quicker and seems much better.
#11 Markus729, Mar 28, 2012
No problem! Glad you found out before its too late. Yeah it is a little ironic that they do that! I hate that its only 14 days now but theres really not much we can do about it. Today is actually my last day in the WFG. I was really debating on returning it and waiting to see what the Droid Fighter is definitely gonne be, but I think I'm gonna stick with my Maxx. I have another upgrade I can use if I really want the FIghter of something else. Good luck with your phone. Let us know which route you go!
#12 fdnj48, Mar 28, 2012
Well, just wanted to give an update about this issue. It's still an issue. I've factory reset it, and it seemed to be much better as far as the OS, but today alone, it shut down twice without any reason. So, I've simply taken advantage of the opportunity to do an exchange and will be getting my new Maxx replacement on 4/3. I presume I will get another 14-day trial period to make sure I don't have the same problem, LOL.
#13 Markus729, Mar 30, 2012
Yeah that was probably a good choice! Unfortunately you wont get another 14 days with the replacement. But hopefully you'll get a good one!!
#14 fdnj48, Mar 30, 2012
UPDATE for those who are interested. I got a new replacement Maxx, already loaded with ICS!! Just kidding. ;) It came preloaded with 2.3.6, which my original did NOT, and I had to upgrade to that, and that may be what messed things up.

In any case, this Maxx is running very smoothly, and the battery life is AMAZING. I just got back from a business trip to NYC, and while my coworkers all had iPhones and complaining about their batteries all day, I was cruising along. 4G LTE throughout Manhattan was blazing fast, and it was a joy to have.

For whatever reason, I just got a phone that kept shutting down. This one has not done anything unexpected whatsoever.
#15 Markus729, Apr 7, 2012
Just wanted to give an update: My new, 2nd, replacement, Razr Maxx has begun to shut down randomly. I refuse to think that I have a second 'lemon' of a phone, because I've been complaining on another thread I've started about how disappointed I am of the battery life of my Maxx

So, the fact that this shut down and battery life issue has happened on both of my phones tells me it MUST be an app I have installed. I may have to uninstall each and every app. Some of my every day use apps like SiMi clock could ultimately be the cause.

This morning I just downloaded the latest software update (6.12.181 Update) so will be eager to see of some bugs of have been fixed.

#16 Markus729, Apr 24, 2012
I'm having the same problem with my Droid Razr Maxx except that so far it only seems to shut off when I leave it on the charger for too long. Once I re-set it it's fine. I don't have too many apps on the phone, and after the first time this happened I erased most of what I had downloaded anyway. I will try doing a factory re-set to see if that helps. After reading this I'm pretty convinced that there's a glitch in the software somewhere.

I still think this phone is pretty awesome.
#17 erub101, May 2, 2013
Erub101: when I leave it on the charger for too long. I'm having the same shut down while charging issue as you noted. However with mine, when I power it back on (must do the hard power-on by power/volume keys) I note that it actually stopped charging during it's flake-out. Instead of 100% it's at a random amount .... wondering what you are seeing?
#18 mwinnc, May 29, 2013
I have had random and charger shut downs since new. Haven't really installed a lot of apps, but going to try a factory reset. It DOES in fact have trouble charging sometimes, not recognizing chargers. Then when i leave it on overnight, it almost always needs a hard reset. Recently it has been going to black screen (looks like DOS shell before it comes back to the startup screen.
#19 TwitchNW, Jun 26, 2013