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Support MDNSD process killing my battery

Hi. I've had my Nexus 5 for about 2 years now, everything fine, but as of about 2 weeks ago my battery started draining faster, and I saw this MDNSD process taking up most of the percentage. I've seen mention that it's triggered by Firefox or something called Freeflight, but I never had those apps installed. I had recently updated my Skype, FB and FB messenger apps, but when I stop their processes it makes no difference. I even uninstalled FB, and it didn't change it. I also have location set to off. When I restart my phone, it goes away for a couple hours, but always comes back with a vengeance. I don't know what else to do. My phone isn't rooted by the way.


#1 Azaran, Jan 24, 2017
This may seem obvious but....
is it a carrier/OEM installed app. If so, you could try going to settings --> apps and disable the app.
#2 Davdi, Jan 25, 2017
The thing is, it's not listed in the apps (not even cached services), it's probably a hidden system process that's triggered by an app, and I can't find an option to stop it from running
#3 Azaran, Jan 25, 2017
This is a DNS daemon, and may see heavy use from a really wide variety of apps.

Anything that's constantly hitting URLs, such as a social media apps, or other apps that update frequently, could see high use from this.

Diagnose by first disabling most of my background apps, except core (phone, built-in texting app, maybe email), and see if this fixes it.

If so, start by adding back in background apps, but give each 1-2 a day or so to run, before adding more.

One way to do a "quick check" here is to enable data-saver, and see if this also brings down the usage (this should, in thoery, prevent almost all non-essential background apps from doing things that require a DNS check).

The culprit maybe the FB app as that's sort of the nature of social-media apps, they're going to be really data-intensive.
#4 Kaizuroge, Jan 25, 2017
Uninstall the FaceFook resource hogging app and use m.facebook.com from your browser instead...
#5 steiny180, Jan 26, 2017
Ok I uninstalled FB, and it remained, but now looks like it's gone after I installed the system update, and the battery is lasting a bit longer like before.

I was still using the original Android 5.0 that came with my phone out of fear that updates might slow it down (like Apple does to screw Iphone users). Always worked fine, not sure what that was, but oh well.
#6 Azaran, Jan 26, 2017
I have been having the same issue with mdnsd and facebook. My battery started draining quickly around the middle of December and I did some research and found out mdnsd was only related through Firefox, which I have never installed. I didn't do anything different on my phone around the time that it started happening. I found out facebook did an update on December 13 which correlates perfectly with the timeline. After about a month of dealing with a dead battery every 3 or 4 hours I deleted facebook from my phone and did a restart, no more mdnsd problems. Since then I have tried to install facebook on my phone and within 24 hours of the install mdnsd pops up again on my phone. I delete the Facebook app, restart my phone and mdnsd is gone. I have tried installing the app 4 times now and every single time mdnsd pops up. I have been told that facebook is not the problem, it is my phone and I am told to do a factory reset. I refuse to do a factory reset because I am very sure the problem is in the Facebook app. I am able to use my Web browser and go onto Facebook but that gets very tedious. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the Facebook app on my phone yet keep the mdnsd gone?
#7 Lis29, Feb 14, 2017