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Root Metro Apps Restorer - DOWNLOAD

Metro Apps Restorer
Version 0.98
Restores the following apps
Download, extract and double click on Push Stock Metro apps.bat

This batch script will use the zergling exploit to push all of your stock android and metro apps back to the system/apps folder

Works on rooted and un rooted phones.

V.98 Changes
Added adb wait-for-device

Note: Future version will include a yes / no prompt and core system apps


#1 finalturismo, Oct 27, 2011
THANK YOU for doing this! I am looking forward to being able to restore the Metro apps - I've been unsuccessful at getting them to work after downloading from Metro .
#2 JWhipple, Oct 27, 2011
No problem

Its the android 2.3.4 apps

It has everything that comes on the esteem

BESIDES the metro apps :(

I need someone to get in touch with me that has a stock phone so i can get ahold of them.
#3 finalturismo, Oct 27, 2011
Just a damn shame we don't have a stock ROM from LG and something similar to Samsung's Odin that we could use to flash it back to 100% stock.
#4 JWhipple, Oct 27, 2011
Well i can make it 100% stock,

but i need the stock apps to make a batch file to restore... XD
#5 finalturismo, Oct 27, 2011
I think my girlfriend's esteem still has all of the stock metro apps. I will check her phone when I go home for lunch and see if she has them. If so I will copy the apks and get them to you. I go to lunch in two hours and would be back an hour after that.
#6 jzebrahockey, Oct 27, 2011
thanks xd
#7 finalturismo, Oct 27, 2011
Here is the link to all of the stock apps that come on the LG Esteem. It is a zip file and I took all of the system/app's from my girlfriends' Esteem. I hope this helps.
LG Esteem Stock apps.zip
#8 jzebrahockey, Oct 27, 2011
Thanks bro, now other shouldnt have any problems if they need to return their phone to out of box state...;)
#9 nuttmeg, Oct 27, 2011
working on it now
#10 finalturismo, Oct 27, 2011
Does anyone have all the Metropcs bloatware apks to share, I rooted my phone & erased them all? I think I was sold a defective phone by an authorized dealer & I have to return the phone to a corporate store, can anybody help?
#11 justnsane31, Oct 27, 2011
some of the APP's are on metros own app store. the rest im not sure if they are there.
#12 Eddy120876, Oct 27, 2011

search feature is a handy tool... http://androidforums.com/esteem-all-things-root/435963-stock-android-2-3-4-apps-here.html
#13 nuttmeg, Oct 27, 2011
LOL this just links right back to this same thread LOL
#14 JWhipple, Oct 28, 2011

yeah i merge it last night instead of leaving it where it was, i have seen multiple threads that has the same questions and trying to organize it, and me and a few other mods will get 2gheter and clean everything up.
#15 nuttmeg, Oct 28, 2011
Iam almost done with the batch restore, it should be done by tonight some time.
#16 finalturismo, Oct 28, 2011
Downloading now and about to try it. Thanks again.
#17 marleynyc, Oct 28, 2011
WOW!!! 474 views and only 3 thanks? maybe everyone might be sleeping lol:D but all work is much appreciated.;)
#18 nuttmeg, Oct 29, 2011
Just tried it twice to no avail... I put have usb debug on and in internet connection mode. It goes through all the steps, but when finished I don't see the apps?... Even after rebooting.
#19 marleynyc, Oct 29, 2011
The apps are most likely on the phone but not showing up in your app tray... More than likely going to need to do a factory reset for everything to show up again.

[EDIT] I just tried it - worked like a charm!

THANK YOU for NOT including the Xtras app!!!!
#20 JWhipple, Oct 29, 2011
I added adb wait-for-device command

This will force the script to wait for your device to be ready before execution.
#21 finalturismo, Oct 29, 2011
I hate the Xtras app too -- and by no means am I saying to keep it, I'm saying the opposite -- BUT before root became available we found a way to turn it off. You just go into the app settings and check mark the disable notifications. It's turned on by default, but there's a check box to TURN OFF the Xtras notifications.

Now that we have root we can remove it completely, but for people who don't want to root (for whatever reason), they do not have to be held hostage by this annoying app. Just turn off the notifications in the app settings.
#22 ChazzMatt, Oct 29, 2011
I rooted my phone and deleted metro sms app and now I can send text but cant send pic messages please help.

Thanks Dan
#23 bigdan3575, Nov 2, 2011
I will update batch tonight and post it with some of the core system apps.
#24 finalturismo, Nov 2, 2011
Is there a way to get a the stock google apps (GAPPS- weather, calendar etc., launcher) to work on this phone? I want to use a different launcher and if I do, I have no calendar, weather, or news app since I can't use LG"s... or is there a way to still use LG's apps on another launcher??
#25 marleynyc, Nov 2, 2011