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Root Metro Pcs Alcatel Fierce XL?

Is this phone the same as the Fierce 2? My Model number is 5405N and it is running 5.1.1 Lollipop, the Metro PCS guy said it was brand new and they only received 2, It says it has a 16GB ROM, and was told it had 16GB storage, it only shows 11.22 for storage. I wanna root and install a custom recovery but have found no support, thinking about returning it tomorrow and getting the Galaxy Core Prime or The LG Leon. Any thoughts? It also has a battery he put in that is now unremovable.



#1 MikeGunn, Nov 8, 2015
Just rooted mine with kingroot and got rid of unwanted apps and I'm impressed, snappy and plenty of space. Only a matter of time before we get the bootloader and the recovery ☺
#2 nyttliv7, Nov 8, 2015
Yup, hopefully someone gets on it, I was looking for recovery and came across a lot of Fierce 2 threads where people just gave up trying because the locked bootloader was a new one they couldn't get past, have you tried xposed yet? How did you do it with Kingo? I've tried 6 or 7 times, keeps failing.
#3 MikeGunn, Nov 8, 2015
I just noticed a "allow BootLoader to be unlocked" option in developer options. Still can't get root though. But that should definitely help getting a custom recovery done.
#4 MikeGunn, Nov 9, 2015
Finally got it rooted and is so slow and laggy. Yours doing that?
#5 MikeGunn, Nov 10, 2015
Get a custom rom on there and you wont look back
#6 Tweakforce_LG, Nov 10, 2015
Where can I find one? I tried every ROM they made for my volt, loved em, but I haven't seen any recovery or roms for this yet.
#7 MikeGunn, Nov 10, 2015
I havent had experience with this phone just talking about android phones in general, im on CM12.1, gonna get CM13 Marshmellow soon
#8 Tweakforce_LG, Nov 10, 2015
What version of kingo did you guys use?
#9 psycho_death6, Nov 13, 2015
4.5.2, from the site, A older version didnt work, kinda weird root though, it keeps needing to re root and nothing you can really do but uninstall some system apps. Clean master can't even get root access granted, exposed won't work or even a auto start manager.
#10 MikeGunn, Nov 13, 2015
You can also unlock the bootloader in developer options, not sure if it does anything though.
#11 MikeGunn, Nov 13, 2015
Ok so here's some tips for people who wanna root:

-Download Kingroot 4.6.0 and use that to root. It may take a few tries but it'll root

-In general settings, turn off smart authorization so it won't constantly ask for permissions that you already granted

-If you want your Fierce XL to be faster and less battery consuming, download Kernel Auditor from the Play Store. When it's installed, grant root permission for it, go to the menu, tap where it says "CPU", and where it says " CPU Governor", click on it. It should have an option that says "ondemand". Click on that one and you're good to go

REMINDER: You need to root first to do all of this
#12 psycho_death6, Nov 14, 2015 Last edited: Nov 15, 2015
Is this phone the same as the Fierce 2? Would the recovery and ROMs for that work on this phone? When I Google Fierce XL5054n Fierce 2 just pops up but its 70??n , and what does the "unlock bootloader" option do in developer options? Wouldn't that make it easy to put a custom recovery on it?
#13 MikeGunn, Nov 15, 2015
Oh, and a quick note:


#14 psycho_death6, Nov 19, 2015
Another quick note. Do not try to use layers either. Lol. My replacement phone just arrived. Man we need a recovery, the bootloader is unlocked via a option in developer options.
#15 MikeGunn, Dec 1, 2015
Can someone upload the stock dialer apk and odex for this phone?
#16 psycho_death6, Dec 4, 2015
And..... New one is broke, lol. I did a titanium back up. I think the dialer is in it. Ill check. Mine is getting pass the boot screen and it just goes black. Still on but the launcher doesn't launch. Gonna post a new thread for support. Would you have a stock system image/firmware or the boot image? PS this happened when i tried to replace Kinguser with an app called SuperSu.Me supersu was supposed to replace it.
#17 MikeGunn, Dec 5, 2015

Whenever you can
#18 psycho_death6, Dec 6, 2015
Also could you put the music apk and stuff on here too? Sorry, I was an idiot and didn't backup
#19 psycho_death6, Dec 7, 2015
Just got my new one today, gonna do a full backup of every little thing on it before I touch it this time. Ill do that in a few hours when I get home and get you what you need.
#20 MikeGunn, Dec 8, 2015
Anyone notice when you use the default camera to take pictures, it looks really pixelated like some kind of filter??
#21 HelgenX, Dec 21, 2015
Also, is anyone else LED notification light working? Mine only lights up for charging. This phone is such a pain in the ass.
#22 HelgenX, Dec 21, 2015
alright you guys stop being a weenie and do a little more research I have to fierce XL Metro PCS and I have bricked it 5 or 6 times as it as of this moment I have SuperSU installed viper4android and Xposed Framework and a partial nethunter install I'm going to give you the link to the Forum it's 78-page long-form search through it like I did but there is links to Total Recovery firmwares there Windows exe files
#23 WoodEe23, Jun 4, 2016
that's a lotta crap dude I'm running Xposed right now on my One Touch Fierce XL as well as viper4android and nethunter Kali Linux do a little research before you go back in and your gums buddy
#24 WoodEe23, Jun 4, 2016
Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-12-35.png Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-18-02.png Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-18-48.png Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-12-21.png Screenshot_2016-06-07-23-12-35.png
I have an Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL right now with Xposed Framework installed YouTube AdAway YouTube background play Lucky Patcher X installer all running on the phone you're saying will be bricked please do not say stuff that you can't prove sir.... is there anything else you'd like to say about how this phone will be ruined if you do what all those are from my phone in which you speak of so what are your credentials sir why do you feel you can speak so confidently on something you obviously know nothing about
#25 WoodEe23, Jun 8, 2016 Last edited: Jun 8, 2016