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Root [MetroPCS] How do I add 911 address with no service?

Hello all,

I don't presently have phone service on my Metro PCS MsLG500 and want to make wifi calls. But the phone won't do it, it says, because I haven't provided a 911 address. How do I do that without service.

(Btw, Metro is trying to shake me down for more money even though I paid $80.00 on the 3rd of October.):(

Any help here would be much appreciated.




#1 Randymanme, Oct 18, 2014
I'm pretty sure you need your phone to be connected for the regular WiFi call thing...

You can always download a different app , but you will get a different #
#2 Xt51, Oct 18, 2014
Thank you. Will someone recommend a different app?
#3 Randymanme, Oct 19, 2014
611 then give them your E911 address
#4 xixion, Oct 30, 2014
Hello. I'm having what seems to be the same issue. I can only make calls via WiFi because where I am has no service. But I cannot make WiFi calls because I'm missing an E911 address. However, the only way I'll be able to put my E911 address into MyMetro... is by disconnecting from the WiFi and connecting to MyMetro. Which I cannot do because I have no service other than the WiFi services available near me
#5 MVKVO, Nov 7, 2015
I had the same issue but this video gave me the perfect answer. Unfortunately, in order to fix this situation you must get started in a location that has MetroPCS coverage. Good luck.

#6 jpyejr, Dec 27, 2016
I believe the app called IMO will give you WiFi calling. But it only works with others that have the same app. TANGO is another one. Good luck.
#7 jpyejr, Dec 27, 2016
If you had metro you could use the " MYMETRO" apk.
Since you don't have Carrier Service Pull Your Sim card to avoid the warning message.
You can use the seperate messenger service apk from Face book to make wifi calls to your
fb contacts.
#8 viperdink, Jan 3, 2017