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Tips Micro usb input A or B type?

Here is a useful link USB Connector Guide at C2G I wish I had checked this link yesterday.
So I am waiting for my nexus 7 and yesterday I went to the electronics store and saw an OTG cable, I checked it looking at my phones charger and counted the pins, but somehow I didn't notice the shape, I bought a micro usb A OTG cable, it doesn't fit into my android phone.
So I was wondering what does the Nexus 7's input take micro usb A or B?

I didn't even know there were two types...I'm wondering what takes type A, maybe sony products

I just want an OTG cable that will work once my nexus 7 arrives, or at the very least plug into it...


#1 skelms, Aug 26, 2012
Judging from the below image, it is type B. I never even knew that 2 different types existed until I read this topic haha, I guess you learn something new every day. The micro USB port on the nexus 7 definitely features the slanted bottom edges as seen in micro B.


You can compare to this image of a nexus 7; (micro USB port is the port in the middle of the device)

#2 sleezecheeze, Aug 26, 2012
So I have another question. I ordered an OTG cable from amazon. This one fits in my andriod phone BUT the micro usb male end is about 1-2 cm's longer than my charger's micro usb. The metal doesn't plug all the way into the phone.
I don't have my nexus 7 yet (my mom is supposed to be sending it to me soon) but I tried plugging the OTG cable it into my phone and tested it by plugging a SD card reader that has a light on it when its plugged into a power source. The light did not turn on.
Did I end up ordering a bogus cable? I really think that it isn't a legitimate cable and wondering your thoughts. I am wondering if I should order another cable or wait for my nexus 7 to test it.
Your help is appreciated
#3 skelms, Sep 4, 2012
The A end goes into the host (usually the computer) and the B end into the peripheral (your Nexus). The standard B end is the chunky one, mini is the one halfway in between, and the current micro ones are the tiniest. They are all B ends of the cable. All As are straight, all Bs have a diagonal cut to stop you plugging the wrong one in. Sony products, and everything else that is a peripheral, will have B connectors.

(USB OTG (On The Go) complicates matters further as it allows a normal B end to act as a host...)
#4 idic, Sep 9, 2012