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This is probably more to do with Apps than the phone specifically but my phone is the S2. I'm curious about the Mobile ID app and what it is. I did do a google search and I understand what it does but it doesn't seem to be working. When I select it, it brings up a screen that says "Welcome to Mobile ID". It says that basically the download failed and gives me the options "cancel" and "retry". I select retry and it goes into download mode. Then it fails. I'm on wifi. Any Ideas?


#1 tcross8361, Dec 29, 2012
Exactly what I went through...Never heard of it, looked it up, thought I'd try it and after several attempts it always came up with the download error. I may not fully understand it, but it doesn't sound like something I'd use. I'm rooted, so I froze it with TiBU.
#2 lilnono93, Dec 30, 2012
It downloaded on my S2 without me selecting it. It changed my home screen around along with several other things so now I'm trying to figure out if I need to do a hard reset to totally get rid of it.
#3 UnclErnie, Dec 31, 2012
It was already there. You can't totally get rid of it unless you root and remove it.
#4 notebooko, Dec 31, 2012
Then we must be talking about different things. Without me doing anything I got notification that the "Mobile ID" had downloaded and needed to be installed. I could not find a way to remove it without first installing it so I did so. It changed the home screen completely and rearranged things on the phone in a way I totally hate. I searched and apparently I'm not alone in having it downloaded without my asking for it. The battery usage rate has also jumped.

As far as rooting goes with all the posts I've seen from people explaining problems after rooting I will have to pass. The fact that I am completely without knowledge on the hows and whys of rooting and can not afford to turn the phone into a paperweight helped make that decision.
#5 UnclErnie, Jan 1, 2013
Mobile ID comes with the phone and is already installed on the stock rom. The notification you got was the virgin mobile theme that was downloaded and it will happen again even after a factory reset. Your best bet is to just change the stuff back to how it was before it changed your setup.
#6 notebooko, Jan 1, 2013
OK, yes it was the Virgin Mobile ID pack that gave me the problem. I have been trying to get it back as it was, but it appears that can't be done. I do like the phone, but I hate having something downloaded that I didn't ask for and definitely don't want. Oh well,.......
#7 UnclErnie, Jan 1, 2013
Do you like having TouchWiz? Or do you prefer just using the stock android launcher?
#8 notebooko, Jan 1, 2013
If it changes my home screen around then I'm not going to mess with it. I've got it all set the way I like it.
#9 tcross8361, Jan 1, 2013
I've been considering this question for a few minutes now and honestly don't have an answer. I did a bit of searching and gained the knowledge that there are several "aftermarket" launchers available. I will have to look and learn more before I can answer. I liked the SGS2 4G when I got it (28 Dec), but I also liked my last phone, LG Optimus V, when I got it about 2 years ago. ???
#10 UnclErnie, Jan 1, 2013
Well it really depends on what the person likes. The one that comes with the phone is called TouchWiz launcher. The one that was on the Optimus V is stock android but that was when it was Gingerbread. They have now updated the launcher in ICS to a different feel and look. I personally prefer the stock android ICS launcher (trebuchet) style. I'm currently using Apex Launcher from the Play Store and it uses the same style as the stock android launcher. If you want to download it then you can try it out (its free) and if you don't like it you can always just uninstall it.
#11 notebooko, Jan 1, 2013
I may very well do that. While reading about TouchWiz it looks like there is a possible security problem with it. That alone is a good enough reason to try Apex. Thanks
#12 UnclErnie, Jan 1, 2013
I immediately froze Mobile ID after rooting. Ugh!

As far as launchers, I've been pretty happy with Nova Prime.
#13 TheBritton, Jan 14, 2013