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Support MobiUcare | How to Force Remove ?

I've Installed MobiUcare and I think I lost the password :eek:

Phone runs fine but I'm worried if I ever have the need to use this app (my phone lost), it wont work. (plus its PITA when u know that a uncontrollable app is there in your phone)

I think the space in my password is erroneously recognised by my the app when I send a SMS to show the app (yeah, the app is in hidden mode).

1. Anyone have a solution to un-install this app? Will rooting help ?
2. Or anyone know if a space (" ") in the password make this app go crazy?

Have a unrooted SGS 2


#1 Rajiev, Nov 27, 2011
Using RootExplorer, search for CTP_PREFS.xml. Password should be located after "pref_password">

Plus you could also search for com.mobiucare.client.preferences.xml and change the preference "pref_protect_removal" value="false" /> instead of the value being true. BTW, you will have to go to the actual directory from the search listing to adjust permissions for modification if necessary. I just add User execute and then deselected it after I was finished.

#2 Indagate, Dec 1, 2011
Any idea in what folder it might be?

#3 saso555, Oct 18, 2012