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Modifying/Editing .apk files?

I am wondering if there is a way to modify or edit a .apk file or files inside an .apk file, & then be able to repack/compress the .apk to be able to put back on phone.

1. can this be done
2. what do i need
3. how is it done.

Im asking b/c I have a few game apps that have some of the files (i assume, they are jpg, or png files) dont fit my screen right, they are too big & are partly cut off, so i want to resize them & put them back on my phone.

any ideas?


#1 jcj77d, May 23, 2010
ok i edited one of my apk's on my pc using winzip to open it, (i changed a few png files to fit my screen), & when i rezipped it, & renamed it back to an apk file, & put it back on my phone.
now when i went to "view" the apk before reinstalling it, there were doubles of each file in the apk, so i checked it on my pc & there were only single files in the apk.

so why does it double my files in the apk when i load it back on my phone?

#2 jcj77d, May 23, 2010
It's not as easy as you think it is.
#3 ticho, May 24, 2010
Here's another link.

Editing and installing apk's - xda-developers
#4 NSNO, May 24, 2010
i got the editing down, & the resigning the apk too, just worried about the app, b/c its a paid app that i paid for & it gets regular updates.

after editing & resigning the app, & putting it back in the /data/app-private, my phone doesnt recognize the app, but it does if I put the original app back?

any ideas?
#5 jcj77d, May 24, 2010
Did you manage to install the app? If not check out the link above it might help you.

Also I'm afraid you've got a decision to make-
If your "new look" app gets regular updates, then the files you edited are going to be overwritten and your back to square one again in terms of how it looks
You don't update and save yourself some time editing files whenever there's an update available.
Decisions, decisions :thinking:
#6 NSNO, May 25, 2010
i did get it edited, & resigned, but it wont install, says "cant install on this phone".

i dont mind editing it @ every update, if it would install & be able to update itself, & still be a live app over the market
#7 jcj77d, May 25, 2010

Have you stated which build the apk can be installed on?
#8 Xavier, May 26, 2010
It can be done following the guide i posted in the link above, here's the proof:-

Also are you signing manually and not auotomatic, that caught me out.
#9 NSNO, May 26, 2010
no, how do i do that, i figured since the orginal apk works fine, & all i did was edit a few png files, that the edited apk would work...

i know it can be done, im not doubting that, Im not sure, im using signapk to resign the apk files.
#10 jcj77d, May 26, 2010
I tried all sorts of methods to install my edited apps, i even generated my own keys and signed with them.
The only way I've manged to get them on is by manually signing using Stericsons autosign tool, grab it here.

Signing made easy.... [ Updated July/2009 ] - xda-developers
#11 NSNO, May 27, 2010
keep in mind, you cannot have original app currently installed on the phone when you go to install the edited version...and vise cannot reinstall the original version without removing the edited version first

i do not know the reason for this, but i do know for a fact thats why youre getting that message
#12 TopShelf10, Aug 9, 2010
Try out APK Edit, Simply edit your apk files :)
#13 annoniem100, Jan 2, 2011
does this resign the app too, or do i need to resign it w/ a separate program?
& will this work on paid/protected market apps, (i have paid for it)
#14 jcj77d, Jan 2, 2011