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Got mine delivered Friday and so far I'm really happy with it. Motorola stayed with the single System partition that is less than 3gb, leaving 24.6gb out of original 32gb for user data. Still has the traditional recovery with all the usual options I've been accustomed to. No NFC but never used it.
Will be putting battery life through usage test this week
Hopefully there will be better Dev support for custom roms with the single System than has been with the Moto X4.


#1 Jfalls63, Jun 4, 2018
Wait... What? 24-32 is an 8GB difference.. How is 8GB of untouchable System files OK? Oh wait, you're used to Samsung. Lmao ;) (JK, couldn't resist. Lol) Moto's are nice tho, I love my E4 Plus and will be keeping an eye on the G6. It's or its Play version is supposed to have a Treble setup too, I think
#2 bcrichster, Jun 4, 2018
Didn't do the math, sorry, went by the app Screenshot_20180604-090432.png
#3 Jfalls63, Jun 4, 2018
System listed as bigger here. Screenshot_20180604-091636.png
#4 Jfalls63, Jun 4, 2018
Will be interested in how you get on with it.... The Moto G series is my benchmark that I use to judge other phones... It's not as sexy and some others, but it's not outrageously expensive either... And I don't think I've ever met anyone who has been unhappy with theirs
#5 psionandy, Jun 4, 2018
I've been through several phones in the past 6 to 8 months trying to find something that, to me, measured up to the XPE.
X4- Just something about it that can't make me like it and having OTA update issues.
5T- Loved it. GSM coverage in my area sucks. Had to go back to something Verizon compatible.
LG G6- liked it. Slow to update and not much Dev support for US unlocked 977u
J7- bought it to play with but didn't catch the fact it was GSM only, US Unlocked Version
S5- Got a 900V to play with and have as a backup.
Now, Moto G6.
#6 Jfalls63, Jun 4, 2018
Looks like I was wrong on the single system partition.
#7 Jfalls63, Jun 5, 2018
How do you find the camera?

I've read reviews saying its slow and the software isn't great?

I have a smashed G5 and thinking of either getting a G6 or a Samsung S7?
#8 JoeHPSDA, Jun 9, 2018
Have only taken one picture with it so far.
Didn't seem slow, but not enough use to really tell.
Over all, I'm really loving the phone.
#9 Jfalls63, Jun 9, 2018
Found the first thing that I don't like. I guess Motorola decided to make new devices only able to Screen Cast/Mirror to Chromecast. Other phones I've had would cast to both my Roku and Fire TV.
Guess I'll be picking up a Chromecast dongle.
#10 Jfalls63, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:34 AM