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Motorola Media Link for Android

The Motorola site offers a free download of something called "Motorola Media Link" which it claims will enable you to easily move and sync music, photos, and video between your computer and your Android phone -- it claims to work with iTunes and with Windows Media Player.

Have any Phandroids downloaded and installed this? And if so, how is it working?

I am getting a Motorola Droid on Friday and wonder if this download (assuming it works with Android 2.0) is a must-have for me.

Here's link to the info on Motorola website:
Motorola Media Link - Motorola USA


#1 stevehoffman, Nov 2, 2009

Wow! Looks like a must have to me. That's very cool and not something that I think many are aware of. You essentially have a way to fully back up all your Android data as well as sync your iTunes and Windows Media with your phone! Great find!
#2 SharonW, Nov 3, 2009
This is pretty awful software. It freezes during syncing like 90% of the time, after which you have to remove and replace the battery from your phone to get access to the SD card back. I got about 75% of the songs I wanted on my phone but can't manage to get the rest without MML freezing. Oh well.
#3 Kojangie, Nov 9, 2009
I had high hopes for that software but was very disappointed. Maybe I wasn't doing something right, but it displayed all music files on my PC in one huge list ("All Music") and there was no way to show folders by artist/album.
That is pretty useless since there's no easy way to choose which music you want to sync. I didn't even try the actual syncing process.
#4 MotoAlex, Nov 10, 2009
I must be a lucky one. This software worked great for me. I just had it sync my iTunes playlist that I had for my 8GB iPod and it worked flawlessly. I also set up a photos folder from my BlackBerry to sync and that worked too.
#5 JackT, Nov 10, 2009
I have to try it out. I just downloaded it myself
#6 MrCKP, Nov 10, 2009
give them a chance to iron out some kinks...this is a very release and the droid is only days old.
#7 DrDroid, Nov 10, 2009
Has anyone worked with this software a little more in-depth at this point?

I am trying to see if there is a way to organize your music by artist, etc. for quick surfing and playback of uploaded music.

#8 whosguy, Nov 19, 2009
I tried to use it for about 10 mins and couldn't figure it out. Totally not user friendly. Waste of a download. It's easier just to mount the SB and copy files over.
#9 estobaughn, Nov 19, 2009
I downloaded this and found it pretty easy to sync my phone to my computer with this. It then asked about playlist that I wanted to bring over from iTunes and such, it took FOREVER to actually move all the data from my computer to the phone, would have been much quicker by just moving it from folder to folder, but it worked out well.
#10 brbruce0, Nov 19, 2009
For me, took forever to install then froze and crashed PC when I tried to use.
#11 johnnybirdman, Nov 19, 2009
I did a little testing of it with files stored locally, but when I discovered that it had no support for network drives I stopped wasting my time.
#12 UncleMike, Nov 19, 2009
In response to both you and others on this thread, I didn't have to do a thing. When the songs synced with my Droid, they went in and display all organized by artist, album, songs or play lists. I didn't have to do anything but sync my music folder.

I did find the software a little tricky to use at first. After going through the initial set up which asks which files you want to sync for which type of media...the usual browse window which you can change, one for each music, pictures, and video, it then takes you on to registering where it hangs. I finally just closed that window, but at least the previous actions took.

When you get back to the home page you see your music files in the center pane and a sync button to the upper right. Normally, you'd think you just click the sync button, but instead you still have to select the music tab (or whichever you want) to sync. Just because you see your music within the center pane doesn't mean it's loaded to sync until you press the music tab.

I've only done this once, so I'm remembering to the best of my ability. However, once I figured it out, it worked beautifully. Like I said, everything ended up in my Droid perfectly arranged by artist, album, song or play list.

For those you have tried it unsuccessfully, I'd try downloading it, again. Perhaps it was in a more beta form. Also, it said you needed to have version 11 of Windows Media (I didn't pay attention to the iTunes requirement because I don't have it), but I don't have WM 11 either, I have version 9. So when executing, it said I need some or C+++ thing or something (can't remember) which also proceeded to download on top of it. After awhile, this caused the whole thing to freeze at some point, but I just rebooted and ran the execute again and then it worked fine.

I've read elsewhere that some couldn't do it with Windows 7, but that was some time ago, also. I have XP.
#13 SharonW, Nov 20, 2009
I downloaded media link but haven't installed it yet. I was I little leary because of many of the comments here. I tried something called Double Twist and it seems to work well. Sync up itunes format and other mp3s.
might be a viable option.
#14 pervier, Nov 23, 2009
I downloaded MML on an XP desktop to use with WM11 and iTunes. It worked great to get my iTunes playlists on my Droid w/o having to drag/drop every song. It is a little confusing. The program will sync folders with music/pics/videos from your computer but the way I have it set up it will sync the pics I take from the SD file they are stored into to my PC then back to the MML file that the PC syncs with. This duplicates my files. I need to configure it differently, I guess. While difficult now, I think this is (or has the potential to be) the best media manager for android.

I have tried to download MML on my Vista desktop but it won't (despite multiple attempts) intall and work. I intend to put MML on my XP laptop to see how this program deals with one device syncing to multiple machines.

More to come...
#15 myko14, Nov 29, 2009
Going to try it now. DoubleTwist is one of the most pathetic applications I've ever used.


Not going well so far. I'm running Windows 7 but had to run in XP Compatibility mode to even get it to install...still constantly freezing up for about 2 minutes at a time.
#16 Telexen, Nov 29, 2009
MML links with iTunes or Windows Media Player but not both at the same time. You can also just use it to import music files not associated with one of those programs.
The program creates a file: sdcard>mobile with subfolders for music, video, pics, and one called mml with iTunes and wmp files within.
The program can be configured to sync with playlists, music, video, and pics in files you choose in the Settings tab of the program. There are sync options to keep or remove files in any/all folders on the handset. This allows you to drop files in these folders all day then mount the SD card and sync at the end of the day.
#17 myko14, Nov 30, 2009
What system/OS are you using? Sounds like Windows7 and Vista are having problems with MML but XP handles it. Anyone else have feedback on what works or doesn't work?
#18 myko14, Nov 30, 2009
FWIW, I noticed today that after I got a few upgrades to Windows XP installed, a couple minutes later I received an update for a Motorola driver. Maybe this will help people with newer versions of Windows, too. Perhaps it has been a Microsoft thing all along.
#19 SharonW, Nov 30, 2009
call me crazy but i think its pretty sad that people need a syncing software to put files on their devices :(
stupid apple ruins everything
#20 Amaroth, Nov 30, 2009
You obviously don't need any software. In fact, I may choose not to use MML to sync my videos and pics if there isn't good interaction with the phone syncing to multiple machines.
The best reason is to have your favorite playlists go straight to the phone instead of using the weak stock player to build playlists one song at a time. The beauty part is that you can change the playlists when they get to the phone... unlike the iPod or iPhone.
#21 myko14, Nov 30, 2009
So..I was so excited to be able to move music and photos to my Droid. Installed MML...made the mistake of choosing to sync pix from My Pictures...then, because I obviously didn't want to move 20 years of pix to my phone, I went through and selected which to delete...thinking that it would merely remove them from those files I wanted to sync. NOT SO!!! It deleted them from my hard drive!!!! And they weren't in the recycle bin..and system restore didn't put them back! Now I'm pretty much out of luck unless my online backup service can't restore them.
The "help" for this application is terrible...just a warning to all who want to use it...
#22 roodco, Nov 30, 2009
Media Link directions are pretty lame, but if you have the correct settings it actually works well. First you need to tell Media link where your music playlists are. Look at the top tabs and click on settings, then on the left side click on music. You should see choices Itunes or Windows Media, select correct one. Go back to the top list of tabs and click on music tab, your itunes or windows media playlists should be listed. Select one playlist and then attach your Droid via USB, be sure to mount (notifier bar on top press on the USB symbol and mount it). Then hit sync in your music tab page. If your Droid is properly mounted a sync window will come up and, THIS IS IMPORTANT, look at the music tab in the Sync window, the default setting are really weird (they copy from phone to computer then duplicate the songs on your computer stupid) so you need to set them to copy songs to the Droid. After making the correct settings finish up your syncing. If these settings are correct it will tell you how many songs it is transfering if it just churns the settings are wrong and you will need to cancel and disconnect the Droid from the computer. (Do it properly via disconnect hardware in windows don't just yank it out!) If the settings are correct the Album, artist, title, and album art will show up in your Droid. Note it will not transfer DRM protected (err.....infected) music.
#23 corvalley, Dec 2, 2009
Huh? Oh right, some iTunes stuff is DRM infected. LOL My Amazon downloads worked fine along with some...uh...less than purchased stuff along with my old CD stuff. And it's Amazon one can thank for putting pressure on Apple by releasing their MP3s DRM-free to finally make Apple go DRM-free. Almost every inch and step that Apple takes forward gets a shove from competition. ;)
#24 SharonW, Dec 2, 2009
Same problem, except I'm using Win7, and it still wont' install. The process starts, then just disappears. I mount the USB card and do it that way, a lot simpler using good ol Windows Explorer.
#25 mishkajb, Dec 12, 2009