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Multiplayer games!

Why isn't there a multiplayer tetris game for android? I want to play my girlfriend tetris! =)

With that said, what are some of the best multiplayer games I can play with my girlfriend? We love puzzle type games. Any good tetris multiplayer alternitives?


#1 McLeod, Nov 21, 2010
there r lot of good sites that offer free online tetris and games like that n if u want 2 play some funny trivia with ur GF try this one my mate showed me this last week

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#3 diazford9211, Nov 22, 2010
The problem is that EA Games is owner of "tetris" as a game, thats why there is only one tetris in the marketplace, and if there are any others they will be quickly pulled out.

And why is it not multiplayer? Well EA is just being EA, they are getting sales either way, they might add multiplayer later when the sales will decline.
#4 DroidGames, Nov 22, 2010
Get Jewels Online. It's one of the best multiplayer game.
#5 safeplayer22, Nov 22, 2010
Battle Grid is good. It has a multiplayer mode on one device.

Squared is a good puzzler but has no multiplayer mode.
#6 Fuzz Ball, Mar 11, 2012
Try Tetris Multiplayer Battle.Hope you will enjoy
#7 Styrisvps, Mar 12, 2012