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Multiple contact problem

Hello all
My mobile moto G4 plus showing multiple contact and some contact is mixed with other I reset my mobile but problems is remain. Pls help me thanks in advance


#1 pukhraj99, Sep 13, 2017
Log on to your Gmail account using a browser. From there you can view and edit your contacts - merge or delete duplicates for example. Or you could try your contacts apps settings, let it identify duplicates and suggest merges.

My guess is that a reset didn't fix it because you have all of the duplicates synced with Google, so when you cleared the phone and resynched it just downloaded the duplicates again.
#2 Hadron, Sep 13, 2017
Hi , there,
Install this app from google play store

Open the app and delete duplicate contacts.
After finishing, uninstall the app.
#3 Parayilhussain, Sep 13, 2017
After you reset your phone, where did your contacts come from? Are they stored on SIM card? Or did you set up Google accounts or other social apps again? On my phone, there are some duplicate contacts from sim card and WhatsApp.
#4 TerryPen, Sep 13, 2017

From Google contact backup
#5 pukhraj99, Sep 14, 2017