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Support my htc one x wont charge and power on

hello everyone
i am new to this forum.i am having a problem with my htc one x.3 days back, the phone was running low on battery and consequently it turned itself off.later i put it on charge.but it wont charge.only the red light keeps flashing at 1 seconds interval,then again no red light for 5 second then again red light at 1 second interval and it goes on this way.but the phone is not turning on if press the power button.i have no idea whats going on.and i am a noob in this sort of technical thing.any help will be much appreciated


#1 wordsworth, Sep 27, 2013
bump !! come on some one. i need help :(
#2 wordsworth, Sep 27, 2013
Press and hold volume down and power button for 10 seconds. Hopefully this will get you back up and running.
#3 GingerRob, Sep 27, 2013
i pressed and hold volume down and power button but nothing happened.the phone has 0 % charge.even if i press and hold,its not supposed to turn on,right?
or am i missing something here?when should i press and hold?during red light flashing or when not plugged to charger? fyi,i preesed and hold when it was not charging and nothing happened
#4 wordsworth, Sep 27, 2013
How long has it been on charge for? Letting it run completely flat is generally a very bad thing and might have killed the battery dead.

Leave it on charge for a few hours (overnight would be your best bet), then try and turn it on again.
#5 El Presidente, Sep 27, 2013
well,the press and hold volume down and power button worked.but the screen appeared just for 1 second and all i could read is '' the charge is too low.cant boot.'' has it anything to do with my charger? the red light just keeps flashing and doesnt become stable.the other day,i put it on charge the entire night and at morning, i still see red light flashing.i have another phone with the same charger port as one x.that one recieves charge.but thats just a cheap normal phone for talking purpose consumes very less amount of charge
#6 wordsworth, Sep 27, 2013
There's no harm in trying another charger, but I would still give it at least 8 hours of continuous charge before trying to turn it on again.
#7 El Presidente, Sep 27, 2013
um charging it for 6 hours now.still the red light is just flashing and not stable yet
#8 wordsworth, Sep 27, 2013
do you charge it by wall socket or through computer usb? If you charge through usb, the charging will be slow as the currency is lower through computer usb.
#9 johnwon, Oct 1, 2013
Hi wordsworth,
I am facing the same problem. Red light keeps on flashing and it just power on for few seconds.

Could you share how you fixed it. Thanks
#10 sha, Jan 1, 2014
Hi wordsworth,
I am facing the same problem. Red light keeps on flashing and it just power on for few seconds.

Could you share how you fixed it. Thanks
#11 sha, Jan 1, 2014
Do you have the Evita or Endeavoru?
#12 timmaaa, Jan 9, 2014
Hi all,
In the last two days I've been having the same problems with my HTC One XL when charging.

When I tested the HTC's black charger the power on the phone kept turning on and off until I disconnected USB cable. Then I tried another charger (HTC HD2) when plugged in I no longer had any problems.
I believe in my case HTC black box USB charger is now faulty as spare charger had no power issues.

Hopefully this may be of some help. As in mine It could be your HTC USB power supply is faulty.

Thanks, XiiS
#13 XiiS, Jan 11, 2014
I picked my phone up just now it felt warm to the touch but had switched off. I tried to switch it on which it would not do and also tried to put it on charge thinking that maybe I had left it on - this is would not do either - no red light or anything it was absolutely dead. Then tried holding down the power switch and volume down switch - the bottom of the phone started to flash ie the home button etc. and then a screen apeared with HBoot and some other things listed on it I'm afraid I can't remember all that appeared except at the bottom were three red robot type figures! I moved the highlighter up to restore and then pressed the power on - it switched off and then on the black screen appeared a red triangle on top of a mobile. So I pressed and held down power and volume down and the phone then switched on. It came on and I had not lost anything also it is now on charge with the power at 46%. I have written this as I have done it as I am not an expert but this may be some use to anyone currently experiencing this problem. To be quite honest I am not sure what has happened to my phone but must admit that I was worried at the beginning as it felt warm to the touch and may have been hot as it could have been switched off for a while as I had not touched it for well over an hour? Anyway it appears to be working for now:)
#14 shiner01, Jan 26, 2014
I believe what you experienced was a power management bug that is relatively common on this phone. Basically the failsafe shutoff that powers off the phone when the battery becomes too low falls, yeah, the failsafe fails. This causes the battery voltage to decrease to a point where it can no longer output any power at all and the phone dies. This is why you don't get a red LED when you connect the device to a charger. Oddly enough this can also at happen at times when the battery is seemingly nowhere near running out of power, nevertheless the symptoms are exactly the same.

The factory reset that you performed while in the bootloader (the screen that displays your model name, hboot etc) is actually not necessary. The known solution to this problem is to connect the phone to a charger and leave it connected for an extended period of time. Come back to it a few hours later and try to power it on, if it doesn't power on by just pressing the power button you should try holding the volume down button + power button together. Sometimes it can take multiple attempts for it to power on. If you do need to use the button combination to power it on to the bootloader you can simply use the volume keys to scroll to "fastboot" and power to select it, then use volume keys to scroll to "reboot" and power to select that option. The phone should now boot up into the ROM.
#15 timmaaa, Jan 27, 2014
Thanks Timmaaa since getting it to work I in fact allowed it to discharge the battery down to almost empty and then put it on charge. Everything seems to be ok now and has been working for the last two days!!:)
#16 shiner01, Jan 28, 2014
Just be careful about how often you do that, discharging this type of battery to zero too often affects the long term life of the battery.
#17 timmaaa, Jan 30, 2014
Hello, so what do I do if this isn't working? Quick tale - playing Papa pear on around 15-20% battery, the page started flitting and then went dead. I charged for an hour, got to the reboot screen, strangely was able to try all of these options multiple times as nothing was working, and then it decided not to turn on again. I've tried the 15 second hold down, over night charge, volume and power down 20 seconds all a few times now and it still won't get going.....I can't find my IMEI number or warranty so really need a DIY solution!

thank you in advance if you can help me :) :)
#18 abbyjones, Feb 4, 2014
I have the same issue with my htc one x. Had a 5 - 8 min phone call, left it for maybe half an hour...dead. Doesn't respond to holding power button, power + vol down etc. No red charging light no usb connection.

I took it apart and measured battery voltage, cant remember but it was between 3.2 and 3.6v. After charging over night the battery voltage was at some stage during trying to charge it dropped down to 2.9v

One other thing I noticed was that after about half an hour of charging the votage would be jumping up and down to random values. Whether or not this is part of a smart charge process or not I am not sure but find it strange.

I replaced the battery with a new one to no avail.

I used an old battery and phone charger to make a power supply at 4.2v and again the phone would not turn on.

Not sure whether everyone else's phone would display these same symptoms but hopefully someone can shed some light and find a solution.
#19 ichbinjake, Feb 13, 2014
Mine packed up a few months ago. I tried everything I could find on the net but all to no avail. A phone I got as part of a contract which I've been able to use for no more than three months out of 24 due to various issues, then this. Mine shows no sign of life at all. Shame as I'd like to use it as a 'tablet' for the little one to watch his videos on when we travel. Wish I'd waited for the One after all. Am currently using my 4 year old HTC Desire HD which works a treat.
#20 nobbly, Apr 1, 2014

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#21 Unforgiven, Apr 2, 2014
An HTC ONE X came into my shop having the exact same issue. I tried swapping and testing all different parts until I FINALLY FOUND THE PROBLEM. the power button has apparently gone bad. upon removing the power button ribbon the phone began to charge immediately when I plugged it in. the red light flashed for about a minute and then came on solid. I plugged the power button ribbon back in just long enough for the phone to come to life and then removed it again and the phone finished powering up. Upon reinserting the same power button ribbon, within a few seconds the phone shut itself off and displayed the same symptoms. New power button ribbon can be purchased on Ebay for $6 to $12. watch a Youtube Video to dissemble the phone properly if you don't know how. Hope this fixes your problem as well.
#22 ang3lsnd3mons, Jun 20, 2014
Hello ang3lsnd3mons,
How is your phone right now? I have the same symphtom and it's very frustrating. The phone is unable to charge. Only the red light on the phone keep flashing upon inserting the charging cable. Leaving it charged over night is useless. At first, i suspected the battery has gone bad, but i think as long as the system is ok, the red light should be solid during charging process eventhough the battery is dead, right? CMIIW. I have also done the pressing down volume+power button trick but still not working.
My question is upon finding there's something wrong with power button ribbon cable, did you charge the phone with the power ribbon cable UNPLUGGED?
I'd like to know first before starting to dismantle the phone and giving it a try since i have no other clues right now and no spare of power ribbon cable to verify ^_^ .
Appreciate your response. Thanks.
#23 sambalado, Jul 24, 2014
I'll add my experience to this mix.
last night my 3 week old HTC one X+ showed low battery and then Poof! went dead.
(This has happened to me once before, after about 3 days, but a long hold on the power button brought it back.)
This time I left it off but plugged in to charge over night (10 hours)
this morning, i unplugged it, (before unplugging though I noticed the red light in the header was flashing, while still plugged in) I then leaned on the Power button and... Nothing.
I then spent the next 4 hours freaking out and trying every possible combination of Power + Down Volume, Power + UP Volume, Power for 10sec,s 20secs, 40secs, 1m.... my fingers were going numb from all the holding down....

all this time the red light was still just flashing. Even though it had ostensibly been charging for 12+ hours.

I swapped chargers and micro USB cables.

I left it charging MORE for another 2 hours.

nothing. (although in the middle of this 4 hour ordeal the HTC One boot screen did flash on briefly. But it then died immediately.

finally, I thought, the only thing I haven't tried yet was UNplugging the phone. Maybe (though this makes no sense at all I know) maybe it was Overcharged?

so I unplugged it, and starting going through the same series of steps.. Power hold, power + volume down, power + volume up.....

and finally, (and I am afraid I do not remember the step or the combination that did it) the sucker rebooted.

Now this is insane. I mean, when you need your phone you want your phone to work. you can't be waiting around for 4 hours for a fix.
I was ready to write this phone off completely and go buy something else. There was no indication that this was ever coming back to life.

So I don't know what to say or do. I have lost a lot of confidence in HTC as a result of this "when the battery dies, this phone dies too." experiences.
I cannot be so vigilant as to ensure that I will never let my battery go to Zero again.
#24 pjstock, Aug 15, 2014
today it went into its Coma again. barely used after a full charge, apparently sitting at at least 75% charged when the mobile data and the texting just stopped working. No Mobile data signal symbol and even though the cell phone service bars were evidently, my text messages were not sending.

I thought maybe a reboot would shake out the cobwwebs. When I held the On/Off button down and got the Shutdown or Restart options, I chose Restart.
But it shutdown and did not restart. It just seemed to go into it's coma.

Holding the On button. Nothing.
Holding the on button and the Volume UP (or down - I tried both) nothing.
it is presently sitting on the charger, which is ridiculous given it was 75% charged when it failed.

Basic conclusion though is that either this grey market (I know, I know, risky) HTC One X is faulty, a lemon OR HTC products or at least the One X series are flaky and to be avoided.
#25 pjstock, Aug 22, 2014