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Support My # is being used to send spam group texts

Has this happened to anyone else.... your phone number is being used to send out Group texts that are spam oriented. I don't even know what the original text is. Then I get all these people texting me to stop. Is there a way to keep your number from sending a group text. I have a looked and looked and cannot find a way to do this....and even call Verizon they couldn't or wouldn't help me. From what I have gathered in my research is that there is a way for people to put in Random numbers on the website and have them sent from whatever number they want. This is so frustrating I wanted to stop.


#1 boogiewoogie, Jan 14, 2015
No I think you been bugged . I had a problem with a landline calling me with my number shown on the caller id and let's say both caller ids showed the home number and it called more than once . company said line was crossed .
#2 BRAINZ2013, Jan 14, 2015
bugged in what way??? a virus type? any ideas on how to deal with it??
#3 boogiewoogie, Jan 14, 2015
Have you downloaded any new apps within the past 2weeks
#4 BRAINZ2013, Jan 14, 2015
No, I don't use my phone like most people. Just simple texting and calls. no games and such. I am running a scan now with trustgo antivirus. We'll see what it might find. Thanks for your help.
#5 boogiewoogie, Jan 14, 2015
app scan found nothing.
#6 boogiewoogie, Jan 14, 2015
Did you send this msg over WiFi using hangouts app or default system app that came with the phone
#7 BRAINZ2013, Jan 14, 2015
No, I don't use hangouts app or the default system apps..... and I did not send the message someone use my phone number to send the text. I am doing these postings on my computer.
#8 boogiewoogie, Jan 14, 2015
This keeps happening at least every other day. I have yet to find a solution to this problem.
#9 boogiewoogie, Feb 8, 2015

The people who receive these texts - are they in your contacts?

Have you installed and run CM Security (Cheetah Mobile) from playstore - its a good scanner. (No offence to trustgo, I'm just not familiar with it)

Do these messages get sent out when your phone is turned off (can you test this by leaving it turned off, or have any of the messages received by others at night - when your phone could be off?)

It may be nothing to do with your phone but just misuse of your number. You may be best to just change your number.
#10 girolez, Feb 8, 2015
Thanks for replying ......the numbers are not my contacts. I don't turn off my phone. I'll try another scan but I really think it's a misuse of my #. I wish I could just turn of group texting altogether making my phone and number not allowed to do it.. I don't need it, will never use it.
#11 boogiewoogie, Feb 14, 2015
The thing is, if someone is "spoofing" your number then it won't matter if you were to stop your phone sending group texts because it isn't actually your phone that is sending them, just something else that's using your number as a disguise.

Have you tried contacting your carrier? If someone is faking their number they will have more chance of tracing it than you do (though they'd probably need the details of some of the numbers the message was sent to and when it was sent).
#12 Hadron, Feb 15, 2015
Thanks Hadron........it continues ....my next step is the carrier AGAIN. I'm hoping that they can make it so my
"number" cannot send a group text .......am I dreaming.
#13 boogiewoogie, Mar 4, 2015
OCTOBER 1ST, 2015, 7:20-PM, Eastern time;
I received a spam text from this number, (626-251-7304), from a company called "Solar Region USA, dba Sumas Media", 19575 E. Walnut Drive, South #16-17, City Of Industry, Ca. 91748, Attn - Melody.

Then I got over 30- texts from 20-different people telling me to stop spamming/ group texting them, etc. Looks like they "Spoofed" my number and when I replied to the original # it was getting sent to these random people!
I shut off all texts to my phone and had Sprint block the numbers
#14 Vuc, Oct 1, 2015