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Support My screen cracked. :(

I'm so disappointed right now. The crack was my own fault, so I'm willing to pay for the fix. I had the phone on my lap, but I forgot I did when I was getting out of my car and it fell face-first onto concrete. Boost cannot help me and told me to contact ZTE. I contacted ZTE and they gave me a run-around and basically told me to go to a Boost Mobile store and contact them from there. I called the store I bought it from and he basically said they are BS'ing me and ZTE are supposed to take care of it. So everyone is refusing to help me fix my phone and I am at a loss.

I'm pissed because I've been searching every store I can for a case/screen protector for this thing with no luck whatsoever. It's sad that it's taking Boost/other companies this long to stock B&M stores with basic protection. Now I have a cracked phone and it's too new/unpopular to easily find a replacement screen for it.

Can you guys offer me any advice on the situation? I got a case/protector for my Prevail day 1 and it's still in mint condition. I love this phone but I cannot afford to pay another $200 just to replace it. :\

The phone works fine, but the top-right part of the screen has a crack that extends onto the usable area of the screen itself.


#1 Four Wude, Nov 21, 2011
I actually had an accidental drop and I almost lost it for a sec. I went to get my hair cut yesterday and I had set me phone on the chicks counter where all of her stuff is she uses to cut peoples hair and she decided to move it before she got started and knocked my phone off her kiosk. I freaked out for a sec but then picked up my phone off the floor and there wasnt a scratch on it. So that was pretty nice. Not even a blemish on the plastic casing. So that was really nice.
#2 cas8180, Nov 21, 2011
lol rub it in why don't you?

As to the OP. Do you have phone insurance? If so just pay the $100 deductible or whatever it is for the replacement. Otherwise you'll need to get back on the phone with ZTE and demand that they fix it, or continue to ask for a supervisor until you get someone that will help you. Boost will not help you at all, their customer service, although "nice" is completely worthless. If anything, they should fire all their support reps and just have a voicemail that says "We don't care about your problems but will gladly take your money, press 1 to activate a new device now or 2 to repeat this message".
#3 limited, Nov 21, 2011
Boost handles repairs within the first 30 days of purchase. After that ZTE handles it. Call the Boost distributing center at 800-467-0890 and they should handle it.

Should probably add that in your case repair probably means replacement, and since it's your fault that probably means buying a new phone. Just guessing though.
#4 marke123, Nov 21, 2011