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Nationwide Mobile Banking APK

After having tried virtually every possible way I can think of to try and manipulate play store into thinking I am in the UK without success, I finally give up.

I have even been in the UK recently with an English SIM card in my phone and still I get messages that say "not available in your country".

The issue is, I'm trying to download the Nationwide Mobile banking application to make life easier as I now live in Sweden.

Is there anybody that could extract the latest version as an APK and upload it here?


#1 holycrail, May 10, 2013
I have a rooted One X, originally from the UK that I've now been using in Sweden the last couple of years. I have used several different VPN's to connect to UK servers and have tried all UK carrier codes in market enabler. None of which work even after clearing cache and & using force stop. Google play version is 4.0.27, I have even tried using the an older version of play store which just reverts to the new version as soon as I re-accept the terms and conditions that appear.
#2 holycrail, May 10, 2013
As I suggested in your topic on the same subject here, have you tried simply contacting the bank and explaining that you're an ex-pat wishing to access your account from abroad? They should also be able to confirm whether it will actually work from outside the UK.
#3 Slug, May 11, 2013
Hi, Sorry for the late reply slug. Yes, and yes. Should work without problems and no they don't care about my situation and are unwilling to help which is why I wondered if you guys could.
#4 holycrail, May 12, 2013
How about Tunnelbear (I think it's called that, my phone is dead so I cant check)
Its a VPN, I used it before google music was available in the UK to get google music.
In all honesty for checking my bank account I'd stick with proper secure banking from a PC, & if you've been there 2 years maybe time to get a Swedish bank account.
#5 Ssscrudddy, May 12, 2013
Oh well, it was worth a try. With that attitude towards their customers though, I'd be looking for a new bank. :(
#6 Slug, May 13, 2013
What's wrong with checking your account on your phone?
#7 Mostly Harmless, May 13, 2013
Haha, I have accounts here as well but still have ta account open.

Nothing wrong with checking online but practically easier and less time consuming with a decent app.

As for tunnel bear, I've tried every vpn available. None work.
#8 holycrail, May 14, 2013
.... So does anyone have any suggestions or an apk they could upload?
#9 holycrail, May 15, 2013
#10 holycrail, May 29, 2013
Guess not then.
#11 holycrail, Jun 5, 2013