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Root Need TOT file for D325

Made you your own thread for this - best luck!
#2 EarlyMon, Apr 25, 2015
#3 si13nt, Apr 25, 2015
What is TOT?
#4 yurochka2005, Apr 25, 2015
its LG stock ROM
#5 si13nt, Apr 25, 2015
You can try extracting it from your LG L70 D325 Original KDZ file using this LG Firmware Extractor tool. I have tried this tool before with my LG L70 D320n and it worked flawlessly. Hope it helps. Cheers.
#6 Shahell Salvin Deo, Apr 25, 2015
tnx a lot friends <3
#8 si13nt, Apr 26, 2015
i tried with this way but lg flash tool 1.8 shows error .i think i should fund the original TOT file
#9 si13nt, Apr 26, 2015
I had that same problem at first due to corrupted file, but I re-extrated the tot file and it worked. Remember to have the right dll file for your LG L70 to flash the file. Try this LGD325_20140311_LGFLASHv160_dll_Flash.zip. And as far as I know you cannot get a original TOT file, only a original KDZ can be found.
#10 Shahell Salvin Deo, Apr 26, 2015
merci :Dtnx
#11 si13nt, Apr 26, 2015
Just search LG Flash Tool 2014, It'll flash KDZ and TOT's. And it's more updated so less prone to errors.
#12 LitrosNub, Apr 26, 2015
Its not actually about the LG Flash Tool, Its only about the dll file for different LG Phone variants. If you have the wrong variant dll the File will not flash or flash incorrectly. And If you are looking for newest LG Flash Tool always check here.
#13 Shahell Salvin Deo, Apr 26, 2015
Ah, alright.
#14 LitrosNub, Apr 26, 2015