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New google acount

I had to delete my old Google acount because of spam. I now have my phone connected to my new Google account but I do not seem to be getting app updates. Is this normal or do I have to uninstall an app then reinstall in order for my new account to see them...


#1 Borg359, May 14, 2018
Not at all, you just add in your email, then it should just give your other account, do not have to worry about changing your password or uninstall app either.. Go to settings > Gmail > add account in the gmail and enter the password of your desired email.
#2 Milo Willamson, May 14, 2018
#3 Borg359, May 15, 2018
Thanks for ya help. I'll give it another few days and see if updates appear...
#4 Borg359, May 15, 2018