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Root *New Root Method that works with the new SDCARD update from ZTE

***This is a SUPERUSER root , NOT SuperSU!!!***

OK, many of you already know that ZTE has released an update for our phone. We also know that it breaks root. The current methods we have for root did not work for me to root the phone after the update. I have found a method that works on our phone after it has been updated with the SDCARD update from ZTE. I cant give the exact instructions because I am already rooted and I don't want to mess with reverting my phone back to stock but I will give enough instructions that you should be able to root successfully. If someone wants to post the detailed exact instructions I will update this post to contain those instructions with credit to whomever posts them. I am assuming this will probably work on the phone before updating as well but I am not sure.


1. Download and install SRSRoot from SRSRoot One Click Root for Android (SuperUser)
2. Connect your phone to USB and ensure that USB Debugging is turned on.
3. click the Root Device (SmartRoot) button.
4. Pay very close attention to what is going on your screen and on the phone. When it says rebooting your phone for the first time, be prepared. You must hold down on the volume up key to boot into FTM mode.
5. Click OK in the program.
6. Let the phone reboot normally on the 2nd reboot.
7. My phone failed to root on the first method.
8. It will reboot the phone again using a different method. Be sure to hold down on volume up for the 1st reboot so you reboot into FTM mode.
9. It will reboot your phone again. Let it reboot normally.
10. It should now copy some files and change permissions and remount some folders.
11. Phone will reboot again. let it reboot normally.
12. You should now be rooted.

***So basically the key to rooting successfully is that you hold down on volume up on each 1st reboot attempt to boot to FTM and then let it boot normally if it is the 2nd or 3rd reboot for the current exploit it tries. Mine was successful after the 2nd exploit it ran so I only had to boot to FTM Twice. The total process took me about 3-4 minutes. If someone wants to help with more detailed instructions I am sure a lot of less experienced Android users could benefit from them.


#1 druble81, Oct 23, 2013
What update?
#2 jimsmith80, Oct 30, 2013
I was wondering the same thing
#3 redjama, Oct 30, 2013
Found it on zte's web site. I'm downloading now
#4 jimsmith80, Oct 30, 2013
Its stock B09
#5 jimsmith80, Oct 30, 2013
Not JB though?!?
#6 redjama, Oct 30, 2013
Nope. ICS 4.0.4. Same as what came with the phone. Nice to have a copy from the manufacture
#7 jimsmith80, Oct 30, 2013
I'm not sure this is the 'Factory' software. It has made at least a few improvements to my phone by loading the update. I get much better battery life then I was getting before. I get far less stutters / slowdowns. It seems that whatever they have done has increased the stability and performance. It's not a dramatic change but I notice the difference. The battery life however is a big improvement at least for myself. I could drain my battery dry by mid afternoon and now it last me all day on a charge and I use my phone and internet a lot.
#8 druble81, Oct 31, 2013
And if it was "factory" why wouldn't we be able to root with the last method? I have yet to try it and plan to soon, I need to find time out of my new job to flash my phone with the new firmware, and to find out what the last version of dsf worked so I can compare performance between kernels. Do you think the improvements are kernel modifications? Or firmware updates? Or os modifications?
#9 donjuro, Nov 1, 2013
Unrooted my phone to try the update along with this and now phone just boots to android logo :3
#10 thagheist3, Nov 4, 2013
Next time try the ota update root keeper APKs or the temp unroot built into SuperUser
#11 bcrichster, Nov 4, 2013
Going to retry this method and a few others I want my custom Rom back :p so much bloat lol
#12 thagheist3, Nov 5, 2013
Someone wanna upload a rom with the update installed? I cannot get the pos to install with cwm no matter how I pack it or tweak the updater script. I keep getting "status 0" and I'm getting soo angry ...
#13 Robertech, Nov 13, 2013
Use the stock recovery to install the update.
#14 GoatTheHero, Nov 13, 2013
Got it, thanks. Any way to root from the phone away from PC?
#15 Robertech, Nov 14, 2013
Well this worked for me.
1)I uninstalled the CWM with the stock recovery.
2)Uninstalled the SuperSU through the app.
3)Installed the update from ZTE website.
4)Used the method in this post to root,Worked fine.
5)Reinstalled CWM.
6)Reinstalled a backup I had.
7)Merged SuperSU to Superuser.
8)Updated my applications in google play store.

Easy to do.
#16 AMOCO, Nov 25, 2013
Has anyone tried Framaroot App to root the phone?


I used this on a buddy that had an Alcatel, and worked like a charm. Start App and rooted phone.

#17 fryguy2, Dec 10, 2013
Hey guys!

Root went smoother than that for me (4.1.2 JB here).
I simply hit the smartroot button, exploit menu came up on my phone, Aragorn failed but Gandalf was there so I tried that one. Hit okay, the phone sat there for a minute, and it came up and said success. Rebooted the phone and Superuser was there.
#18 Downgraded286, Oct 23, 2014
FYI, this device came with B07 or B09 and was updated to B13 so using this "update" is actually a downgrade. B09 might work better than B13, that I cannot say since I don't own one of these.
#19 SuperR, Oct 23, 2014
I didn't install any update, I just found this root method because others I found weren't working. Maybe that's why my installation went differently from some others.

This is stock 4.1.2 JB I installed it on... so I'm not sure what you would call that. I don't really understand B07, B09, B13...
#20 Downgraded286, Oct 23, 2014

These are update codes,My old Force came with B09.Them just in the last year they (Boost)put out a new update B13.But this was all on ICS.
#21 AMOCO, Oct 23, 2014
links are dead anyway
#22 coffinsupply, Feb 28, 2015
Hi guys...gals. I'm totally new to the android os, so plz go easy. I'm trying to simply trying to root my zte lever and my asus zenpad 8, not the 8 s for about two weeks. I have had others try to help, but not good. I read the steps that someone kindly wrote out, and tried with srs, one click, but nothing. I can't find the update for the sdcard that people are talking about. My software version Z936LV1.0.0BO9. It seems like the asus zenpad can't be down. Can anyone help? Thanks Al
#23 AJRyan, Mar 22, 2016
Prolly patched on ZTE Android 6.0.1 smh
#24 cyanidekid, Jan 26, 2017