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Nexus 5x Miracast hack

I have a LG Nexus 5x which does not support Miracast (LG smart TV and Roku in particular). It works with chromecast but not the others. I rooted, and edited the build.prop file with "persist.debug.wfd.enable=1". It now gives the option to enable wireless display in the Cast section after reboot. I can see the devices in the Cast menu but when I try to connect to them it drops after a couple seconds and continues to fail.

Is this feature a lost cause for the Nexus 5x even with the edit?

Also, does this feature work with the Nexus 5x after flashing a custom ROM? If anyone has any success stories, I would greatly like to know.


#1 DonJones, Feb 10, 2017
UPDATE: I flashed Pure Nexus ROM. The option is there to enable wireless display, but the same result. It will begin to connect briefly, then drop the connection.
#2 DonJones, Feb 13, 2017