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Nexus 6p Powers Off

My 6p will be anywhere from %51 to %63 battery and go straight to %0 say power low and shut off. I have did all trouble shooting and too many updates and master resets without help😕


#1 scholllrv, Aug 29, 2017
Honestly it sounds like your battery is just screwed/dead and you need a new device. I typically just buy a new phone when this happens but I'm also obsessed with buying new phones. Still have my 6P though and it's fine.

Where did you buy it? Could you duplicate the problem and ask for an exchange?

Proceed at your own risk but you could also buy a Nexus 6P replacement battery:

And then follow a guide like this to replace it:

May also be able to find a repair shop that will do it for you but I don't have experience in this area as I just splurge for another device.
#2 Rob, Aug 29, 2017
This is unfortunately a well-known problem with the 6P, and it is entirely a hardware problem ( as @Rob suggested). The only fix is to have the battery replaced.

If you purchased your phone straight from Google, you should contact Nexus Support. They have been known to authorize RMAs even for phones well outside the original warranty period (my warranty ran out in December but they replaced my phone in June for this exact problem). No guarantee, as they take it on a case-by-case basis, but it's worth a shot.

If you purchased elsewhere, you'd need to contact Huawei.... who has unfortunately been far less proactive in such cases.

Otherwise, I'd suggest spending $20 on a replacement battery to extend the life of your phone. You might want to reference this post by another Google TC who shared his experience after performing the surgery on several 6Ps.
#3 codesplice, Aug 30, 2017
Mine did that at around 30% battery. Replacement battery fixed it.
#4 quickaudi, Sep 2, 2017

Thanks for the link to Nexus Support.

I was having problems with my 128GB Nexus 6P as it would jump from around 20% down to zero with no warning and then shut down. The phone will be two years old in November so I just thought I would pick up a Note 8 or Pixel 2.

After reading this thread and with your link I figured why not contacted nexus support and since I added the extended warranty when I bought the phone they said it would be covered with a little cost. I really wasn't looking forward to having to reconfigure everything again but I figured at least I will get that 20% of the battery back. He then checked back with his managers to see if they could wave the extra cost and not only did they wave the extra cost they gave me a New 128GB Pixel XL. Now that is awsome service!

I couldn't believe it as they sent me a link to get the phone directly from Google which they paid for. They even stayed on the chat until everything went through and the order was confirmed.

I can now wait for the pixel 3, galaxy s9 or whatever the next best phone is at the end of 2018.

Once again thanks for the link. I don't know if I would have taken the time to find it and make a claim since I was already in the "I need a new phone" mode if it wasn't posted here.
#5 Recoil1, Sep 4, 2017
That's awesome! I've been hearing rumblings over the past week that Google is running low on 6Ps and has started offering Pixel XLs as replacements; very cool that you were able to take advantage of that. :thumbsupdroid:
#6 codesplice, Sep 5, 2017
It is official the phone arrived today and I just activated it. It was a brand new 128GB pixel XL. This will give me some breathing room until next year although the bezels on this thing look ridiculous compared to the newer phones.
#7 Recoil1, Sep 8, 2017
Hey Bud, had same problem - needed to replace battery. Wasn't easy, but not impossible if you take your time and get the right tools. Purchased replacement off eBay for $8. Took about an hour. My beloved Nexus 6P works like brand new. I'm very happy.
#8 Kenny O, Sep 12, 2017
So i have been having the same issues (at around 30-40%, a low battery warning would pop up and the phone would shut down) and tried the path of contacting Google Support. I had purchased my phone from the online Google Store mind you. They were extremely helpful, first having me try some steps to see if the issue could be resolved (different settings tweaks, Safe Mode, and then a factory reset), which of course did not solve the problem as i knew it wouldn't. After i replied back stating that i tried these things, they simply sent me a link to a new replacement device (32gb Pixel XL since they are apparently out of 6Ps?). By tomorrow or Thursday, I should have a brand new device to replace an almost 2 year old phone. Now THAT is customer service. Good on ya Google!

If you purchased your 6P direct from Google, i'd recommend you go the route of contacting them about your battery issues. They will replace your declining 6P with a brand new Pixel XL which is as good as it could get (though i did really like the 6P... hopefully the Pixel XL is just as good). Good luck!
#9 wysts43, Sep 12, 2017
You guys are kind of making me wish that I had suffered with my early shutdowns for a few more months rather than getting my 6P replaced with a refurb 6P back in June...

Awesome that Google is taking care of you folks!
#10 codesplice, Sep 13, 2017
I did the very same about 6 weeks ago and a few days ago the refurb shut down at near 40%. I was able to turn it back on and it showed 1%. Enough to get a screenshot of the battery trend dropping off the cliff. Google warranties their refurbs so I have a Pixel XL in route due to their outstanding customer service. Mine is 32 GB but no complaints that's what I had to start with anyway.
#11 iowabowtech, Sep 16, 2017 at 1:40 PM
Nice @iowabowtech!
#12 codesplice, Sep 18, 2017 at 10:19 AM
Mine was shutting off at 15%. I did a factory reset and it took care of the problem
#13 Linda Cicc, Sep 19, 2017 at 10:20 PM