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Support NFC And s beam

What's the difference between these? Is it the case that s beam simply uses nfc and s beam is a Samsung thing? ?

Or are they two seperate technologies? Thing is there is no option to send via nfc or s beam when I go to a photo etc I think the s3 has a more option button but don't think the note 2 does


#1 Liam548, Nov 30, 2012
S-Beam is the software (app ) that utilizes the NFC technology to send photos, documents etc. to other NFC enabled phones when brought to contact. Pretty much the same thing as Android Beam on stock devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, just Samsung branded and I think allows for bigger files to be shared.
#2 ganj_420, Nov 30, 2012
I'm not sure what system S-beam is using as I don't have another S-beam enable device to use with my GN2. I do know that when I did a NFC transfer with my Gnex and N7, all it really did was use NFC to pair the two via BT and then used the BT connection for the actual transfer. I'm guessing S-beam is either the same exact thing or maybe possibly wi-fi instead of BT. Either way, I'm guessing the NFC component is actually just the pairing of devices and basic transfer instructions.

Ah, just found out on the Samsung site that S-beam uses wi-fi direct with NFC initiating the pairing. Neat long as you can use it. So far, it's pretty much useless for me since none of my other devices support it and I don't know anyone else with a device that supports it.
#3 chimphappyhour, Nov 30, 2012
Yes after testing with an s3 today I can confirm it seems via wi fi direct and not bluetooth. I thought the idea was that it sent the file instantly upon touching handsets? That's how it is sold in adverts isn't it?

I presume then that after touching phones i have to click send via wifi direct on a file for this feature? And s beam is the features after connecting with nfc?
#4 Liam548, Nov 30, 2012
S-Beam is not the same as Android Beam. In both cases NFC is used to "handshake" the devices, however in the former file transfers are handed off to WiFi Direct, which is much, much faster than in the case of the latter where file transfers are handed off to bluetooth.
#5 NZtechfreak, Nov 30, 2012