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Support NFC triggers when flip case is opened


I bought a new flip case recently and just realised that whenever I close the case and use the magnetic latch, the NFC briefly turns itself on whenever I re-open it.

I never used NFC, don't intend to and it's always been off on my phone since I got it, so why is it doing that ?

Thanks !

Android ver. 7.0



#1 Marenkai, May 16, 2018
#2 KBU2, May 16, 2018
Thank you for your response.
So, to be perfectly sure (I'm a total newbie when it comes to that kind of stuff), there's no way someone is using a device hidden in the flip case to gather data from my phone ? (or any credit card that would come into contact with it)

I know this sounds a bit conspiracy-ish but I get a anxious about those things...
#3 Marenkai, May 16, 2018
Not unless the case has a hidden power source or radio in it. ;)

Your magnet in the case is sending a false NFC wake up. You can always turn off NFC if you don't use it.

You might find how NFC works interesting.
#4 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
Thank you ! :)

But that's the weird part about it: my NFC is turned off in the options and I never used it since I got my phone :/
#5 Marenkai, May 16, 2018
The NFC chip isn't powered off when it's turned off, it's just disabled from communicating. It is most likely "waking up" only to tell your magnet that it's off.

Think of it this way ... you have a tree that grows very close to your house and when the wind blows a branch bumps against your front door. Now, you never use your front door and have locked it with a sign saying to use the side door. Still, you hear the thump and you're going to check to make sure that nobody is actually there, right?

So you can live with it or cut down the tree (get a new case ;) )
#6 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
Okay, I get it thanks for the explanation :)
I'll live with it I think, I love my new custom case too much to throw it away so soon :p

It's weird that it only does it when my phone's case is covering the front of the phone and not on the back though... (you know, like if I twist the latch to stick it to the back of the phone when I use it)
#7 Marenkai, May 16, 2018
Oh. Is your case similar to this one?

It is a smart case that uses the magnet to wake the phone when you open it and put it to sleep when you close it. You may just be waking the phone and the NFC indicator pops up briefly as part of the waking process.
#8 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
No, not at all, it's just a blank flip case I had a custom picture printend on by an online shop (see attached image).
The image showcases a A5 (2015) case, I couldn't find the same image for A5 (2016) but it's basically the same with minor changes on the layout of the camera.
#9 Marenkai, May 17, 2018
So the magnetic portion is on the flip tab? Still, it could be either of those scenarios causing this. Of course there's always the poltergeist theory. ;)

Really, don't worry about it and enjoy your case and phone.
#10 lunatic59, May 17, 2018
Haha ! Thanks, now I need to rush to the closest church to get an exorcism ! :D

Anyway, thak you for your answers, have a nice day ^^
#11 Marenkai, May 17, 2018
I wouldn't do that: the A5 isn't ingress protected and holy water plays hell with electronics.

(Pun intended - sorry!)
#12 Hadron, May 17, 2018
So you're saying it's a godforsaken device? :p
#13 lunatic59, May 17, 2018