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Support no chromecast button on YouTube

I have no chromecast button on my YouTube app. I have a nexus 7 running 5.0.1, the YouTube app version is 6.0.13

I've uninstalled the YouTube updates and then reinstalled.
I've uninstalled the updates , disabled YouTube, restarted the tablet, re-enabled then updated YouTube. I installed the chromecast app before I restarted the tablet. Nothing.

Anyone have any more ideas?


#1 Annebennett, Dec 31, 2014
Hmmm... ...I don't either. I'm not near my Chromecast ATM, so I'll check when I get home.
#2 Unforgiven, Dec 31, 2014
Do you have a "Cast screen" button in Quick settings?
#3 Crashdamage, Dec 31, 2014
There isn't a cast screen button in the settings in YouTube. Are those the settings you mean?
#4 Annebennett, Dec 31, 2014
No, the Quick settings pull-down at the top of the screen. There should be a 'Cast screen' button there that will cast anything to the Chromecast. That would be a workaround.

But, there should be a cast button in YouTube also, yes. I also have YouTube 6.0.13 and the cast button is there. Not quite sure what to say...
#5 Crashdamage, Dec 31, 2014
OK yeah I guess I will be able to work around it. It's just annoying that it's not where it should be
#6 Annebennett, Dec 31, 2014
You never get the cast button unless you're on the same network as your (ok, or "a") Chromecast.
#7 EarlyMon, Dec 31, 2014 Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
That is a contextual toggle. Meaning it only shows up if it's useful. If there is no Chromecast or miracast device on the network, its not there. The same for the cast button in Netflix or pulldown. Or any app or anything to do with casting screen. Lollipop cleaned up the mess. If it doesn't need to be there, it isn't there. And if there is no device to cast to, its not there.
#8 Madbat, Dec 31, 2014
It's been that way for me for quite some time so not sure what part Lollipop cleaned up - please elaborate? Thanks!
#9 EarlyMon, Dec 31, 2014
Well, seems the OP has a Chromecast installed because she acknowledged that the cast button in Quick settings would be a workaround. The csst button wouldn't be in Quick settings if she had no Chromecast.

So the question still is, why does she have no cast button in YouTube?
#10 Crashdamage, Dec 31, 2014
Yeah - couldn't hurt to reset the Chromecast and set it up again. Guessing at this point though.
#11 EarlyMon, Dec 31, 2014
Ya know, your right. I was thinking of my s3 where the casting button was always there (mirroring). But still if its not in YouTube then Chromecast probably isn't on.
#12 Madbat, Dec 31, 2014
Nope, the button is there in Netflix and Google Play Movies, just not YouTube.
#13 Unforgiven, Jan 1, 2015
So you have the problem too?
#14 EarlyMon, Jan 1, 2015
I have it on my N7 (5.01) but not my Moto X (4.4.4)
#15 Unforgiven, Jan 1, 2015
I have it on my M8 - do you have the same Google Play Services on both?
#16 EarlyMon, Jan 1, 2015
Um, I figured it out. I had my WiFi on, but not connected to my home network on my phone (unlimited 4g, so I never really thought of it). Once I connected to the WiFi its all there.:oops:
#17 Unforgiven, Jan 1, 2015
Op doesn't seem to be returning. Guess we nailed it for nothing, lol. Yay us.
#18 Madbat, Jan 1, 2015
Ummm... have you checked the calendar? :D

Just because we hung out here on New Year's doesn't mean everyone else has to ok. :D
#19 EarlyMon, Jan 1, 2015
I know, that was kinda the joke. I'm here waaaaay too much.
#20 Madbat, Jan 1, 2015
It's working! I unplugged the chromecast device from the TV unplugged it, uninstalled chromecast on my tablet, plugged the device back in, reinstalled the chromecast app and voila, the button shows on YouTube.

I should have known, turn it off and then it on again works every time. Thanks for your help everyone!
#21 Annebennett, Jan 2, 2015