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Support No Haptic feedback when plugging into charger

I've looked all over the place and still can't find it.
Coming from the Note 3 I really liked getting that positive haptic feedback, quick vibration, every time I plugged the phone into a charger.

Is there no such thing on the Note 8?



#1 PureAndroidUser, Sep 13, 2017
Sounds and vibration. There are some options in there. Did you check those out?
#2 marctronixx, Sep 13, 2017
I looked but there's no option for haptic feedback when plugging in a charger. Only play sound when plugging it in. But that's it.
#3 PureAndroidUser, Sep 13, 2017
Perhaps there are 3rd party apps to fill the gap.
#4 marctronixx, Sep 13, 2017