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Root No more OTG - Use any network share as mounted drive!

I got a new tutorial for everyone. Use any network share as a MOUNTED DEVICE on your new 7" tablet!

ROOT IS REQUIRED - no custom roms or kernels .. just root and a little time.

I have all my emulation files, videos, music - EVERYTHING of mine - sitting on a giant 3TB GoFlex Drive - seamlessly on my Nexus. I'm stunned this is even possible. Insane. Any questions or problems, let me know.

Hope you enjoy it!

Nexus 7 Tutorial: Use Network Share as a Mount Point | Review Lagoon


#1 darkuni, Sep 12, 2012
How do I grant mount manager root access?

Oops, never mind - something popped up for it.

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#2 CrackBaby, Sep 13, 2012
Heh, yeah ... it kinda depends on which version of SU you're using - each one behaves a tad different.

So you got it up and running? Man, this is like uber freedom to me. I've been using it a lot.

I got CNA 3.5 on my Nexus phone and it has CIFS built in - so I literally had to install Mount Manager and poof ... I was good.

Now I can easily share my Titanium Backup data between the devices ....
#3 darkuni, Sep 13, 2012
Sorry folks, posted in the wrong thread
#4 stridermt2k, Sep 13, 2012
Well, this thread is about NOT using OTG or an import utility ... Surely there is a more appropriate thread dealing with OTG?

But ... since I don't want to be a dick ... :)

Several possibilities ... what video format? AVI/XVID? MKV? What media player are you using? What type of storage device are you accessing with OTG? If it's a microSD card, what's the Class? How big is it?

You're probably going to have issues playing HD video files from a flash device across OTG.
#5 darkuni, Sep 13, 2012
i just use ES File Explorer
#6 Skyroket, Sep 13, 2012
Right ... and unless your application is network streaming aware .. it will FULLY DOWNLOAD the file before running/playing it.

This doesn't require downloading. EVERYTHING "streams". The app doesn't have to support it - so if you like "Media Player X" and it doesn't stream across a network - ES will download it - then play it.

The idea is that this connectivity method is INVISIBLE to the OS ... it THINKS it's a local drive - so ANY app behaves.
#7 darkuni, Sep 13, 2012
Not yet. Do I need samba on my PC for this to work?

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#8 CrackBaby, Sep 13, 2012
Nope .. just a network share.

Did you follow the guide? You need to have a PATH to the share like:

192.168.1.xxx/<shared folder name>

The mount point you're using must exist - make a folder ahead of time if you need to.

Where are you at that it is failing? Can you hit the share with a standard SMB-equipped file manager (ES, File Expert, X-Plore, etc)?
#9 darkuni, Sep 13, 2012
Hmm....it wasn't working and wasn't working, and then suddenly it started working. The only thing I did different just before it started working was I clicked on "login" instead of just "OK." Just so you know, in case someone else had the same problem.

I LOVE that this streams without a hitch directly from my PC!!!!

Thank you for posting this!! This is awesome!!!

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#10 CrackBaby, Sep 13, 2012
You're welcome! Like I said - it has really changed my life with my Nexus 7 and my phone - having access to ALL my crap without cables, downloading, etc.

Glad you got it working!
#11 darkuni, Sep 13, 2012
Hmm i didnt know that.. How come i watched 8gb movie when my nexus 7 has only 3.2gb of available space? I think that es file explorer is capable to streaming media over home network. I just go to lan settings tap on new server and it finds servers ip from where i stream my media
#12 Skyroket, Sep 14, 2012
Well, just using es file explorer will still work, yes, but the method described above is much better.

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#13 CrackBaby, Sep 17, 2012
Note: I updated the OP. This method no longer works on 4.1.2. You'll need a custom kernel (like the latest franco) to continue to enjoy using CIFS. I'll update the tutorial and this thread if and when new CIFS.KO files are posted that work.
#14 darkuni, Oct 11, 2012
My new article may appeal to readers of my thread ...

Nexus: Learning to Live Without An SD Card

While Apple users are quite used to (and apparently content with) not having a microSD card slot on their phones and tablets, a lot of Android users consider it a God-given right. Unfortunately, the latest (and greatest) devices coming out seem to be bereft of removable storage solutions. This includes the beloved Nexus line from Google and its affiliates.
In this article, we
#15 darkuni, Oct 19, 2012
Updated the OP ... new files make it work on 4.1.2 again :)
#16 darkuni, Oct 20, 2012
Moved to all things root section since it requires root. If you believe this to be in error shoot me a PM :)
#17 Rxpert83, Oct 20, 2012
Stuff Rocks !!!! thanks
#18 cybernerd, May 2, 2013
Is there anyone here, who can tell me how can I mount SMB folder to my tablet? DPS Dream 7 v2. Thanks a lot!
#19 freecylons, Jul 10, 2015