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Accessories Non-oem Charger Warning!!!!!

There's a few threads in the other droid forums here about chargers. There's some bad chargers out there on the market. Be careful in your selection and use of these.

Typical symptoms of the other modern droids include:

1. The phone gets VERY hot on the charger
2. Screen becomes non-responsive
3. Possible report here about the hard buttons not working on an X.

The end result could be a fried phone, we have seen this in the past here; or other things becoming problematic.

Just a warning if you are using a non-oem charger.... just be aware of possible symptoms, and the possible damage that could result. If you have any of the symptoms, disconnect that charger immediately!


Saw the potential for a victim from a bad charger here. It's the reason why I posted this thread.


#1 syntrix, Jul 19, 2010
Maybe you can answer my question.... I am using an OEM charger ... the SP5400 (something like that) from Motorola. I plug that charger into my car dock and then put my Droid X on the dock. Doesn't charge. I take the X off and the car charger LED turns back on indicating that it is working. I put the X back on the dock and it shuts off again. I decide to leave the X in its dock.... SOMETIMES while I am driving the damn thing just starts charging... then it will RANDOMLY stop charging.... there's no rhyme or reason for the start/stop of charging..... any ideas?
#2 chenry888, Jul 20, 2010
Once it is at a full charge, it will stop charging. Maybe that is what you are experiencing.
#3 CEV, Jul 21, 2010