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Support Not receiving all SMS messages on Note8

Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I've been searching and searching and found nothing.
I recently upgraded to the Note8 and have noticed that I don't receive all messages. I get most, but maybe one a day so, I never see. Shows as sent on the senders phone.
Doesn't matter is the sender is on iOS or Android or even a Blackberry. Can't figure it out.
Also, I have never had an iPhone or used iMessage, so I know that's not the issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


#1 Jbits22, Oct 8, 2017
Are the text messages you don't get always from the same sender? or is it random? Usually SMS errors are from your provider's network (or the sender's network) There is no "confirm receipt" with SMS messages, so if the sending network accepts it, but somehow mishandles it or the receiving network rejects it, there's no feedback to either party, it just goes into limbo.
#2 lunatic59, Oct 8, 2017
The sender is random. Doesn't seem to matter who sent it/what carrier they use. I have examples of each. I have recently discovered that the problem is significantly worse when trying to receive messages from iPhones though. Almost no iMessage user's messages come through.
#3 Jbits22, Oct 8, 2017
Are they individual messages or group messages? Group messages come through on Android as MMS and require mobile data, which could be where the disconnect is happening.
#4 lunatic59, Oct 8, 2017
can you list your carrier?
is your phone the carriers variant model or do you have an unlocked version?
are you using the stock messenger?
what phone did you have prior to this? were you on the same carrier? did you have any issues then?
are you able to get on the internet and surf the web?
does this issue occur anywhere or only when you are at certain locations?
did you turn off wifi to test this?
are you able to SEND messages with no issue? you OP was not clear on this

lemme guess? you're on ATT? :):thinking:
#5 marctronixx, Oct 8, 2017
Usually individual, but has happened with group messages once or twice.

My bad, I'm real new to the Android Forums scene.
I am indeed on AT&T, and the Note8 I use is the Unlocked variant, not the AT&T one.
I use Android Messages, not the stock messenger.
Prior to this phone I had the S7 edge (AT&T variant) with no issues.
I have disconnected from WiFi and am able to surf the internet and use other data functions just fine.
Haven't noticed anything location wise. But it seems pretty random.
And yes, all messages I send are always received by the recipient.

Appreciate you taking the time to help me out :)
#6 Jbits22, Oct 8, 2017 Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2017
perhaps clear app cache? google services cache? phones device cache?

what happens if you use the stock messenger? are the texts showing up there?
are you certain you have android messages as the PRIMARY MAIN messenger?
#7 marctronixx, Oct 8, 2017
Tried all that. Seems to help slightly? But not completely.
Yes, I've tried changing default SMS apps and both have the same issue...
Probably going to call ATT tomorrow and see if they know anything..
#8 Jbits22, Oct 8, 2017
yes at this point it sounds like an issue on your carrier/account and not the phone.
#9 marctronixx, Oct 9, 2017
This is a known issue on AT&T with the S8 and S8+. I have also had this problem with my Note 8 and have heard other people who have the same problem. Samsung has not responded to the problem yet. You can read more about it on Android Central.
#10 ecstoneusps, Oct 9, 2017
I have had this issue on previous phones but not on my S8+ yet.

Try turning off wifi calling and see if that helps. Sometimes that affects texts.

Tweak your APN settings. I have had to add a new APN with the same settings as the default settings but I have had to change one thing:

APN Protocol -> ipv4/ipv6

EDIT: Missed your 2nd post. If your phone is unlocked, you need to double check the APN Settings. Also try Textra if you cannot miss text messages.
#11 tube517, Oct 9, 2017
These are the settings that have been working for me.

#12 lunatic59, Oct 9, 2017
It's not just an ATT issue: it's been reported from users in different countries as well (mainly for S8, but there are more of them in use). It's even reached the mainstream press now (in the UK the Guardian had an article on it this afternoon).
#13 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017
Links, man, Links. ;)

Galaxy S8: Samsung users complain of SMS messages that fail to arrive
#14 lunatic59, Oct 9, 2017
I think I was using the app for that post - I'm better with links when using a browser ;)
#15 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017
I have noticed that if everyone included in a mms is not on my Favorites I won't always get a notification of the message and sometimes not the message itself.
#16 kokiangel, Oct 10, 2017
Hello all

I have seen the reports of Galaxy S8 owners not receiving text messages...

I have had about 5 people so far this week, just having another one, ask me if I have received their text message. Which I did not.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I am currently using Android messages for my SMS app.

Yes, I have a Note 8. Yes, I'm on AT&T

I'm having the same issue on my Note 8 with AT&T. It is the carrier version. I use Google Messenger as well
#17 JimKnuckles, Oct 11, 2017
It's been reported internationally, so if this is the same thing it's not just ATT.
#18 Hadron, Oct 11, 2017
The trick is getting to reproduce this “issue” more than just “randomly” so that it can be tracked down.

Ive not noticed any delays or slow response with texting using the T-Mobile variant i have (stock/locked). This goes for mms messages as well.
#19 marctronixx, Oct 11, 2017
Finally got around to calling ATT. They reset my SMS address and a few other things and haven't had an issue since! If you have this issue, it's your carrier, not you're phone. Give them a call.
Thanks for all your input guys!
#20 Jbits22, Oct 12, 2017
Reset your sms address? what does that even mean?
#21 JimKnuckles, Oct 13, 2017
Perhaps the user means they updated the gateway address for sending texts and mms messages. Its under your SIM card settings tab.
#22 marctronixx, Oct 13, 2017
They most likely updated the SMS settings associated with his SIM card, especially if it was taken from an older phone. Although, the last couple of times I've gotten new sim's from AT&T they never got the provisioning right on the first try. :rolleyes:
#23 lunatic59, Oct 13, 2017
Good post.

I think its worth it to mention that most of the time its things that are unique to the individual, like carrying over an old phone number from a different carrier, or using an old SIMM, etc. since a lot of people were upgrading.
#24 marctronixx, Oct 13, 2017
Here's how the scenario goes ...

Joe, Jane, Mary and Carlos are salespeople at Carrier X store. The procedure for setting up a new customer is steps 1 through 7. Step 4 is transferring account to new device. Step 5 is provisioning a new sim card (if one is provided with the new phone).

So everybody is happily buying and selling phones until the new model comes out and the 7 steps change for the new device because of some new technology or security protocol. So Jane, Mary and Carlos get the memo, but Joe was out that day ... he said he was sick, but he was seen at the sports bar later that evening ... but that's another matter ;). Anyway, for the next week or so Joe is setting up new phones the old way which seems to work at the store but is going to cause problems for the customer later. Joe sells a lot of mic-configured phones that week, because it was launch week and everyone wants the upgrades. People with older sim's never get re-provisioned with the new settings. Multiply this across many stores and sales reps.

Some customers will take the troublesome phone back to the store (or call the store), explain the problem and they fix it, because by that time they've discovered what Joe was doing and corrected him. Some customers will search for a solution online and get a bunch of general troubleshooting ideas, none of which fix the issue completely.

All of a sudden the blog-o-sphere is buzzing with articles like the above and customers complain about problems with Phone X. Some people blame blame the carrier, some blame the manufacturer and soon there's a ****storm of finger pointing.

Welcome to the internet. ;) :rolleyes:
#25 lunatic59, Oct 13, 2017