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Support Note 2 Won't Turn On

Hey everyone,

I've had my Note 2 for about 6 months now. I came to work, and it was on 85% battery. I thought I would top it off and plug it into the charger. When I go to take it off the charger, it appeared to be completely off. There's not even a single light turning on when I plug it into the charger.

Here's what I've done to troubleshoot the issue so far:

1. Hold the power button.
2. Hold the power button and volume up and then the volume down key.
3. Take the battery out and put the battery back in.
4. take out my SD card and my sim card and try to power on with just the battery.
5. plug into a different charger that's connected to my computer instead of the A/C charger I used at first.
6. Take battery, SD card, and Sim Card out and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, put everything back in and try to power on.

After each of these steps I get the same results which is a blank phone that does nothing. Nothing lights up when I plug it in. No red or green LED lights. My phone isn't rooted and I've never dropped it or submerged it in water.

Any idea or suggestions on what might be the problem or what I can do to remedy the issue I'm having?


#1 takeitback86, Jun 4, 2013
Hello and welcome.

First hold down the volume up key, as you're holding it also hold the home key, while holding those two hold the power key.

Wait until you see the white "..Galaxy.." letters, then quickly release all three keys.

Once the little Android robot finishes dancing around or whatever, the recovery menu should appear with the "reboot now" or some such wording highlighted. Use the volume down key to navigate to "wipe cache."

Once that's done, the default "reboot now" will be highlighted. Press the power key to reboot.
#2 Frisco, Jun 4, 2013
I held down the volume up, home, and then the power button for 1 minute and nothing happened, so I plugged the phone into a charger and tried the same thing. Same results. The phone stayed blank.
#3 takeitback86, Jun 4, 2013
I took the battery out and put it back in, this time your key combination fixed it! thanks a ton, Frisco!
#4 takeitback86, Jun 4, 2013

I was wondering if anyone can help. My note 2 ran out of battery, i plugged it in to charge it up and nothing happened. I have tried the below to no avail.

Any help great fully received.

#5 jsmac, Jul 31, 2013
G'day jsmac, have you tried removing and the replacing the battery before trying the button combination?
#6 general eclect, Aug 3, 2013
Are you sure your charger and usb cable are good?
#7 colchiro, Aug 3, 2013
I have the same issue but its not powering up after what everyone has tried above.

It ran out of battery so when i got home i plugged it in and left it charging over night, i turned it on the next day and it had 2%. that ran out before i put it back on charge.

my battery is charged and i have done a voltage check on the power pins to the battery and thats good so i know the charger and the charging pin is ok. Ive got a new battery coming in the morning so hopefully that will be the end of it but the phone is only 8 months old.

its just a dead brick at the moment, has anyone had this issue to this extent?
#8 hoodedpotter, Sep 8, 2013
Hopefully the new battery will fix things up. Bottoming out batteries can lead to a permanently dead cell. Not exclusive to phones, I've also seen this happen with car batteries, rechargeable tool batteries, ect. It's rare, but sadly possible. Good luck!!!
#9 pastafarian, Sep 8, 2013
Please help, My Note 2 only shows the White Galaxy Letters only but it doesn't change from there. It only displays them for hours and wont power up. I tried the above key combination but after the white galaxy letters it goes blank again. Please help.
#10 reshkeip, Nov 28, 2013
i have the same problem on my Samsung note. I have triend all possible things that i can do and the same thing happened. The screen on my phone is still black. Is their any other way that needs to be done or what else can i do to make it work?

please me on this issue! Someone help me!
#11 kokong143, Aug 4, 2014
It should be noted.
That if your using a custum rom or are rooted and have started using custum boot animations that...

Unless the boot animation images, (not just the desc.txt file aspect ratio [a settings fike]) are the exact resolution of the phone screen, and also contains no tranparancy layers in the (png, jpg, bmp imgs [png with no compression is best]), the boot animation will not run, and furthermore, will cause the screen to remain black even after the os has booted.

Solutions for this issue are to restore an earlier backup for your rom, or to flash your rom anew and then make backups before trying new boot animations.

[DO NOT RELY ON ROM TOOLBOXES PREVIEW FEATURE TO SEE IF ANIMATIONS WILL WORK, as some that wont play actualy work, and some that will, wont work.]
#12 Prepaidguy9081, Aug 4, 2014
If you see the note ii splash screen, thwn nothing, but after normal boot time feel your phone vibrate or somthing of the like, this is most likely your problem

If you see the note ii screen repeating, your os has been wiped.

No note ii screen at all, then its your battery or some harware issue.

#13 Prepaidguy9081, Aug 4, 2014
I have tried the sequence...volume up, home and power and a FADED Samsung comes up for a second and then it goes blank again and nada....nothing is working....any suggestions?

I just want to back it up as the last back up I did was over a month ago :(
#14 Cristinanina, Aug 24, 2014
I just had the same problem for the last 3 days... my phone suddenly switched off and wouldn't switch back on. I tried the advice here and it was still unresponsive. I have my old galaxy S3 so I took out the battery from that one and held it so the metal pins from the S3 battery lined up with the phone (had to hold it in place as S3 battery smaller note 2). Tried to switch on and voila! It turned on! Now know it's a battery problem not a phone one (phew!)... am going to buy a nice shiny new battery right now! Sorted ;-)
#15 missjellybean, Oct 29, 2014
Hello there!
I have red all the comments above.
I have got the follow problem.I have got my Note 2 for 2 years by now.
It does not want to start.Only flashing red light every 15sec.
I have tryed all the key combinations.
Please help me!
#16 andy3fonov, Nov 1, 2014
Try a different battery. Had the same problem. A new battery resolved the issue.
#17 joe_earl, Jul 3, 2015
tried 3 batteries but no go
#18 Sam Bosat, Jul 31, 2015
It looks like I'm in the same boat as Sam here. The battery I'm using is about a week old, official Samsung not the cheap online replacement that I limped along with before. My phone is a bit over 2 years old. It's been working great since I replaced the battery and got a 64 gig memory card, again not one of the cheap ones. I moved some apps and files over to the memory card to free up the phones internal 16 gig memory. It was working fine since last night and all day today. Then I went to check it and ...nothing. All black. No apparent response to charging, button combos, removing battery, trying with & without memory card, etc. It didn't get hot, wet, dropped or anything it was just sitting on the desk.
#19 smurfasaurus, Sep 23, 2015