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Support note 4 randomly shuts down

Hello I have had my note 4 just over a month now very happy with the phone but it has begun to randomly shut down between 1 and 3 times a day. The only way to restart it is to remove and refit the battery. Samsung have asked me to take it in to be assessed before committing to a possible battery issue.


#1 Graham bognar, Jan 8, 2015
Are you using an SD card? If so was it formatted in the phone?
While you may have a hardware problem, SD cards and rouge apps have also caused this.
If you remove the SD card and the phone acts OK I recommend removing all that you want off of it and formatting it in the phone. Replace what you want. if it still acts up again, purchase a Samsung SD card and do the above.
Good Luck!
#2 ronbien, Jan 8, 2015
Thanks Ron for your reply, yes i did have a sd card installed. Taken your advice transferered the content to the internal memory, formatted the sd card. Then left it in only lasted about an hour before shutting down again, but since taking it out there have been no shutdowns for a day and half now, fingers crossed all good from here on.
#3 Graham bognar, Jan 10, 2015
If this should continue,I'd take a look at the battery & check for a snug fit.If it is just slightly undersized,it could be losing its connection w/the phone.
I'd compare it w/one in the store for fit if this problem persists & perhaps request a new battery,a relatively inexpensive item for the retailer to replace.
#4 KOLIO, Jan 10, 2015
Are you saying that a formatted (in the phone) SD in there continues to cause problems, but if you take that SD card out, it works fine?

I'd go all weekend without the SD card and see what happens. Then, I'd consider a new SD card (formatted in phone). If the problem returns with a new card, then there's something fishy about the SD slot in your phone.

Which SD card do you have?
#5 Palmetto Fellow, Jan 10, 2015 Last edited: Jan 10, 2015
Spoke too soon it shutdown already on once this morning. Will check the sd card brand also for info.
#6 Graham bognar, Jan 10, 2015
It shut down WITHOUT an sd card in it?

If so we should move on to something else. Actually, how old is the phone? Can you return it to the store and get another, or is it too late, and needs to go in for a repair?
#7 Palmetto Fellow, Jan 10, 2015
It is a bad battery issue, I had the same problem and solved the problem by getting a good quality battery. It always shuts down when the device starts to draw energy and the battery lack it (using wifi, BT connecting external USB pen drive and running applications that demands processing energy)....... Remeber a new battery does not mean a good battery!
#8 ibrahimshehata, Jul 16, 2015
Contact whomever you bought it from and gripe like hell! If you bought it from a local carrier, go to their outlet and see if you can test the phone with a new (hopefully, known good) battery. Whatever the case, a 1 month old phone should not be giving you these kinds of problems. If it were my phone, I would be on the phone with Verizon this second!
#9 nahoku, Jul 16, 2015