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Number of new emails Icon on gmail and yahoo

Just got a note 2, coming from an iphone 3gs.
I have the yahoo mail app for my yahoo email and the gmail for my gmail account. I really liked email integration on the iphone as all emails were put in once email client, and I could just glance at the email icon to see how many new emails I had, plus all email was pushed, unlike the note 2 email client where, I guess, you can only sync every 15 minutes at the most (?)

I would really like to try to get my email set up at least in a similar way to how it was on my iphone, where I can look at the icon and there will be a small number in the top right of the icon telling me how many new emails there are. I have yahoo mail app and gmail app set up but it appears it does not do this. Anyone know of a way to make this happen? Thanks.

( PS ditto for facebook. On iphone if there is a new facebook instant message, there is a number indicator on the facebook icon... )


#1 kage65, Apr 19, 2013
Use the stock email app instead of the Yahoo and Gmail apps.
#2 chanchan05, Apr 20, 2013
He wants badge alerts. It can be done with another launcher like Go Launcher EX with the Go launcher notification plug-in, or Nova Launcher Prime (not free).

Go Launcher is free and the badge alerts work for Facebook, email, texts, and yahoo mail. But you better have a fast device as it is a RAM and CPU hog
#3 nickdalzell, Apr 20, 2013
Samsung has badge alerts for their stock email app if you are using TouchWiz.
#4 chanchan05, Apr 20, 2013
Then why doesnt it show on my tab 2? It just does the usual Android icon in status bar

EDIT: mine set up with Gmail app during the first-boot wizard so I was using the wrong app, apologies
#5 nickdalzell, Apr 20, 2013
Using Nova, you won't get them for all apps unfortunately (facebook specifically).

Have a look at something like Missed It. Whilst you won't get the small boxes over the app icons, you can configure the widgets to display the amount of outstanding alerts for pretty much anything that can add a notification to your status bar/pull down.

Not exactly what you want, but might be worth a go.
#6 El Presidente, Apr 20, 2013
In some AOKP ROMs the little badges show on the notification icons in thr status bar. Surprised that isnt stock...
#7 nickdalzell, Apr 20, 2013
OK, started using stock email and indeed was able to see the new email # indication.
#8 kage65, Apr 22, 2013
That is a cool feature. Too bad there isnt a Touchwiz manual online that reveals such tricks or other hidden features
#9 nickdalzell, Apr 23, 2013
I had them at one time on Galaxy Core Prime, now only get multiple envelopes for each email in the notification area at the top. New to this smart phone thing, and old as well. It's my first smartphone. I don't believe I had any of the apps spoken of, may have been factory installed, and I removed it not knowing what it does.

#10 Dillpickles, Feb 17, 2017