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Root Odexed Vs. Deodexed???

anyone??? anyone???
#2 flboy91, Aug 2, 2012
Deodexed, because its stock with tweaks and performance enhancements ,no themes though
#3 gaazakid876, Aug 2, 2012
o ok thanx bro.. do u by any chance have the stock recovery???
#4 flboy91, Aug 2, 2012
Nope sorry bro
#5 gaazakid876, Aug 2, 2012
Thanx n e way bro
#6 flboy91, Aug 2, 2012
#7 gaazakid876, Aug 2, 2012
Really, besides the boot times they should be the same.

I mean as long as you are comparing stock odex to stock deodex, etc, not stock odex vs. custom deodexed ROM.

Here is a good explanation of the difference What Is Odex And Deodex In Android [A Complete Guide]
#8 agentc13, Aug 2, 2012