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Support "Ok Google" not listening

When I try to activate voice search it wants me to say "Ok Google" 3 times. I've tried screaming, whispering, holding the phone close vs. arms length away but it's like the Mic isn't even active/listening. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?




#1 TyJSimm, Jul 3, 2014
check out the Voice section of this link to ensure you have the hotword detection enabled:
#2 mruno, Jul 3, 2014
I'm having the EXACT same problem.... Has anyone fixed it yet? Btw I'm on the HTC m8 what about you?
#3 slashadams, Jul 8, 2014
Hi there, having the same issue, for me it does not even work in the google serch area. checkbox is sullected, and for the everywhere option, asks me to say ok google 3 times but just has the link to finish later and cant here me. any help would be greatly appreaceated
#4 1bluekoj, Jul 15, 2014
Had this problem when I was using nova launcher. Forgot how I fixed it will try to reproduce:)
#5 MotoTurbo, Jul 15, 2014
If the mic icon in the google search bar is solid, then the device is listening for the "Ok Google" hotword. This holds true even for the chrome browser. Otherwise it'll have a grey outline with a white interior.

Open google now, go to settings from the menu, click on "Voice" under "Search & Now Cards", click on "Ok google detection", see of the tick box is ticked. Go back, then select English (US) under language. If this doesnt fix the problem, try updating to the latest version of google now, and if it still doesnt work, try uninstalling updates and updating again.

Hope this helps
#6 Gremaldin, Jul 15, 2014
Anyone have a fix yet? I'm having a similar problem. Here's what I discovered so far.

When I bought the phone yesterday, and set it up, I was able to do a voice search in the Google Search app. I can't recall if that was before or after I did the OTA update.

I'm on Verizon and have the phone fully up to date at the moment.

Today I realized if I try to do a Google voice search, it does not pick up anything I say. It just sits there and times out. No response. I then noticed the same issue if I try to do a voice to text in the default messaging app.

That made me think it was the mic not working. But I tested it by recording a video and the audio was picked up fine. Okay, maybe it's a software thing. I uninstalled Google Search, and reinstalled. Still having the issue.

The latest, and most odd problem with it now is I discovered that when I get a phone call, if I answer, the other person can not hear me! They can only hear me if I put the phone on speaker.. How weird is that?

So it's not a mic issue because I can record audio when I take a video. It might not be a google search app software issue because I reinstalled it. And it's somehow tied into the speaker phone when on a call.
#7 tronicscribe, Jul 17, 2014
try running the diagnostic test:
#8 mruno, Jul 17, 2014
Sometimes after an OTA problems will crop up and a factory reset will have to be performed. Before you take it back I would so that. Sounds to me like a software glitch.
#9 SolApathy, Jul 17, 2014
I just did this and ran a full test. During the mic testing, it failed test 1, however there was a second mic test and it passed. Are there two different mics on this phone?

I still can't use ok google or voice texting because it picks up nothing when I talk, but if I record a video it will record sound. So maybe there are two mics, one for different tasks.

I'm also suspicious that Verizon gave me a refurbished phone because it came in an unsealed plain white box that was not the same as a normal HTC box. The girl there told me it was brand new because that's the only way they can activate it... I doubt that.

I'm hesitant to do a factory reset because frankly I don't want it to fix the issue since I think they gave me a refurb and I'd rather make sure I get a brand new phone.
#10 tronicscribe, Jul 17, 2014
Yes there are two mics on the m8. I would take it in and let them look at it. Be prepared though, they will factory reset it to try and fix it.
#11 mruno, Jul 17, 2014
I had to change my settings to English US to get it to work but I find it a bit useless as it is very bad at recognising what I'm saying(I'm Irish but I don't have a strong Irish accent)

Compared to the very new Cortana on windows it seems to be very limited in its usefulness. The weather part of it just downright lies to you about the weather if you can get it to recognise where you are.

I would have thought that Google would have it working somewhere near right by now.
#12 GTCC, Jul 18, 2014
Google gets their weather information from weather underground (source).
The more you use google search the more it will "learn" your voice.
Google works pretty well for me and even for my southern (US) accented family members.
#13 mruno, Jul 18, 2014
That makes sense, because it failed one of the two mic tests. I took the phone into the Verizon store. They just swapped it out for another one, and it's been working fine for just under a week now. I must have been unlucky with that first phone.

I'm a bit skeptical that the people at this store are giving me a brand new phone though. Both phones I've gotten were not in the normal branded HTC boxes. They were in larger, blank white boxes that were unsealed. I asked the girl there and she insisted it's a new phone, and in order to be on the edge program it has to be new. She claims they can't activate a used phone if it's on edge.

I'm suspicious I got a refurb, but it's been working perfectly fine so far.

Thanks everyone.
#14 tronicscribe, Jul 21, 2014
As long as it looks new and works fine, i would go with it. Good luck on the "new" one ;)
#15 mruno, Jul 21, 2014
The only way to fix it so it works 100% of the time is to get nova launcher and turn the option on in settings, where it says Ok google, go into that turn it on and it will work perfectly but you have to use another launcher not sense 6, nova launcher is better anyways closest to stock android and sense 6 but allows you to do even more with a perfectly working ok google. I think the ok google doesnt work in sense 6 until next update to sense or android from htc, until then nova launcher works perfectly and allows you to you ok google the way its supposed to work. Has nothing to do with bad hardware, its software, related. even though some have got it to work sometimes its not a mic issue or some sillyness like that, try nova launcher and you will see what im saying, because nova works 100% of the time unless you are inside of an app already like pandora or something like that but if your on any screen it works.
#16 Scifigeek4life, Jul 21, 2014
I've had this problem ever since doing a factory reset on a HTC One M7.

I can do voice searches if I press the voice icon in the search bar, but it doesn't respond to the "OK Google" command as it did previously. The icon is 'outlined' rather than 'solid', which I believe means it isn't automatically listening.

I've just had the update to 4.4.3, which I was hoping would fix it - no such luck. Checked all the settings and tried US English instead of UK.
#17 Bunjiweb, Aug 26, 2014
This is a funny topic for a thread. If Okay Google won't listen, just talk to your wife. Nevermind.....
#18 Tlicious1020, Aug 26, 2014
Hi Bunjiweb,

I'm still on 4.4.2, but my voice search is working with 'ok google' either from within the app or from any screen ie it's always listening.

Having checked all your settings, perhaps you could list them and I will check them against my settings and see if there are any differences.

#19 tommo47, Aug 27, 2014
Anyone figure this out. Same issue with me, I am on AT&T, Note 3, 4.4.2

Extremely irritating me....
#20 INTOCAD, Sep 23, 2014
Mine works so well that someone will say Ok Google on a YouTube video and my phone will acknowledge it. I was like WTH at first then realized what had occurred.. LOL
#21 Tlicious1020, Sep 23, 2014
I'm ok with it.

You can use
#22 Gerrybean, Sep 29, 2014
I've never once had it work... I'll be across the room and say OK google and nothing happens... The commercial lies
#23 hotkoko, Oct 5, 2014
You have to ensure your launcher has ok google enabled as well. I do not think the sense launcher has the ability.
#24 mruno, Oct 5, 2014
I use my sprint M8 all the time when it is sitting on the charging stand. I just say OK google and it responds then I ask it the question. I haven't had any trouble with it once I enabled it to work on all pages.
#25 Recoil1, Oct 6, 2014
In case this helps someone, I was having the same problem where the OK Google Detection was not working on my HTC One M8. I searched all over and tried a bunch of things, but then I found a blog that fixed it for me.
In there, he said an accessibility service was not playing nice with OK Google, so I went into Settings\Accessibility and disabled everything in there. After that, my OK Google detection worked. Then I just had to turn things back on one at a time until I found what was breaking OK Google. In my case it was the JVC Smartphone Control. I have to figure out what to do now because I need that app to connect my phone to my JVC car stereo (KWV50BT). At least I know what is causing it.
#26 HTCOneM8Ken, Dec 2, 2014